Monday, May 2, 2011


Betty Cindy sent us this darling video of the RDD Bobblehead that she's quite short, but has an adorable giggle at the end.

The Founding Bettys wanted to add a little extra soundtrack - but that would take more technical expertise than either of us had available this weekend.

How about some script submissions...or perhaps an appropriate musical selection?


  1. Betty Barbara here--
    The only bit of sound track I could suggest is borrowing from one where Kermit the Frog is doing his arm-waving, head-shaking "Yayyyy" thing.
    Can't think of a snip of music, though.

  2. Betty Barbara here--
    Really just to say "WOW" on your new page background/colors. Kewl.

  3. Thank you, Betty Barbara.
    We felt it was time for a little change. We may change the title picture sometime in the next week or two...

  4. This vast but charming RDD is now in Michigan. Betty Jo Dee gave him up in a trade for RIP Hamilton. And since it's so obviously an uneven trade, a pinkie ball and other enhancements were sent to the prince and princessi.
    I also got and handsome can of beans (no Toast, oh my), some really cool handmade cards from the little royals, and a Betty Mirandra book (which I don't have permission to read, I'm gonna need a qualified technician to boulderize all the the Brightonizing. Starting with the cover. Actually, Prof. Vue de Plane has okayed a perusal of said tome, but stipulated that said act must take place next to him, in case emergency care is needed! ;-)
    Thank you Betty Jo Dee and all the Royalettes! I lurved the cards, the kids did such a nice job saying thank you.

    Professor Baron Marc van der ter Salis de Friesdijkstra AKA Litrik van der Hottnes will soon be able to travel. Betty Keira and Debbie you have my permission to give my email to whomever you deem worthy to recieve this hunky RDD next. (I'll send in a photo as soon as I get batteries)