Thursday, May 5, 2011

Life After Betty

Now that we've reviewed all the books in the canon, Betty Keira and I both have a little more time for discretionary reading - and other things. 

Betty Keira loaned me several Essie Summers books when I was down at her place last month.  I just set them aside - I wanted to wait until I was completely done with my reviews (heaven knows I've had plenty of other distractions lately), so I've been working my way through them whenever I need a break.  Here's the complete list of what I borrowed:
  • Beyond the Foothills
  • The Tender Leaves
  • A Mountain for Luenda
  • Goblin Hill
  • Return to Dragonshill
  • Heir to Windrush Hill
  • The Bay of the Nightingales
  • The Lake of the Kingfisher
  • The House on Gregor's Brae
  • A Touch of Magic
I also picked up Crocodile on the Sandbank by Elizabeth Peters, on the recommendation of my daughter-in-law's mother.

What are you reading?

And now all I had to do is keep it clean...

Besides reading, I've been redecorating the office that I share with Dr. van der Stevejinck.  We took a boatload of crap stuff out, and I'm carefully editing what comes back in.  Dr. van der Stevejinck has a proper desk in the opposite corner, mine (as you can probably tell) is a reclaimed closet space. I've managed to  pare down what's around my space, but I did include embroidery supplies (now that I don't have as much time with The Great Betty, I'll have a chance to do a little the Araminta that I am), and my painting supplies (Ha! I bet I fooled you into thinking that I'm artistic).

Stay tuned for my amateurish attempts
at embroidery.
What are you doing with your spare time?


  1. Betty Barbara here--
    I just read Lucilla Andrews My Friend the professor. You will recall that Lucilla's books were mentioned as possibles for Life After Betty.
    I am still mulling over the book in my mind and hope to get my thoughts organized soon. I'll send the Founding Bettys an e-mail when I do.

    Right now I have no spare time--I'm headed back to the hospital for more surgery next week. So I have to get the house organized so Mijnheer van der Tarheelin and son can survive for the 3 days I'll be in hospital. Hey, I have a very nice stack of carry-out menus that should serve them quite well-3 different pizza places within a 5 -10 minute drive. What more could they ask for?

  2. Good luck on your surgery! I'm pretty sure your family won't starve to death in 3 days (I once left my six kids for 2 1/2 weeks, plus my husband was out of town on business for the first several kids survived pretty much on frozen pizza and cold cereal - the youngest was around seven years old - the oldest two were high school graduates of 18 and 19).

    I still haven't read any Lucilla Andrews...hmm...I just checked my local library system and they don't have ANY of her books. I've been sort of keeping an eye out at Goodwill - no luck there. I guess I'll have to plan a visit to my local creepy used book store.

  3. Betty Debbie--
    Thank you for your good wishes. This is just another step in Betty Barbara's drive to become Titanium Woman. I already have two metal knees; now I'm getting my first metal hip. It should be fairly routine...
    Lucilla Andrews is very hard to come by. I bought this book off Amazon Marketplace for not very much, as my library system didn't have any of her stuff. But it is a 1967 printing of a 1960 paperback and it sure is showing its age!

  4. I'm still reading my way through The Canon (my comments on Magic in Vienna will be going up in a few minutes). Otherwise, I reread a Mira Stables -- I highly recommend her for Regency romances with no mention of Brighton -- and blogged about it here.

    Quilting and working on my book -- that's my life apart from required gardening and/or housework. Next week I'm driving to Boston to visit my cousin, which takes the gardening & quilting out of the equation, although I'll still need to get my daily allotment of words done.

    By the way, in case Betty Miranda wanders by, she just completed a manuscript, so we're all excited about getting to read more by her. (Her characters visit Brighton, but in a very high-class sort of way.)