Saturday, May 14, 2011

Pennsylvania Dutch?

Many thanks to Betty Cindy for sending us these yummy pictures and a sneak peek at the fun they had!

Here they are - or we are. :)

The RDD supervises.

Bettys Cindy, Magdalen and JoDee!

Is that honorary Betty Hazel on the left?

Bettys chatting.
The groaning board.


The food was incredible. Egg salad finger sandwiches, divine chicken salad finger sandwiches, scones with clotted cream (two kinds!) lemon curd, pineapple butter, raspberry jam, Gouda cheese, mince tarts, cherry almond cake, light buttery cookies - which were UNBELIEVABLY GOOD! - Andes mint brownies, banana bread, fresh lemonade and of course, tea.

And the ladies were kind enough to accept my messy kitchen and dining room table - I'd been fussing with food all morning and by the time I got dressed and got things put out in the living room my legs just gave out. And Betty JoDee arrived. And, speaking of kind, they filled my plate and cup and glass and kept me in goodies throughout. Lovely people!

The Founding Bettys, btw, were much on our minds - we mentioned time again what a monumental task you set for yourselves, and how thankful we are to have found your blogs. And we also praised Betty Keira's wicked gift with graphics! :)


p.s. Oh - and I forgot to mention that this wee tea party lasted over six (SIX!!) hours. WHAT FUN!

I was sad to see them go.



  1. Oh yes, that is my wonderful sister, Hazel (who is on the shortest part of the short list of people I admire most in this world) and there's something new about the RDD, did you see?

    And he's now On Tour. He's moving Westward, at least right now - at Betty JoDee's. :)


  2. 'Beastly Dutch Oath', I'm not glad to have missed this occasion! What a lot of fun and food you had!

    Maybe you can schedule another one for the summer. And now that I'm not working, I could try to 'meet up' even if it's later.
    May I get on the travelling RDD list?
    Maybe I could arrange a meet up with Betty Jo Dee to pass the RDDBH along. Whaddayathink Jo Dee?

  3. Someone needs to keep a database of where everyone lives so we can do this in a sensible fashion. I'm happy to host the next one, but I gather I'm not exactly central to anyone but myself, if you see what I mean. (When the Founding Bettys come to make the Pilgrimage to the Aaronic Priesthood Site on the Susquehanna River, I'll be in the PERFECT place to host them, but until that...)

    Many thanks again to Betty Cindy for hosting this one -- and to her RDD, Faron (although we're told it's a Swedish name, really) for keeping himself busy for SIX hours!

  4. I've been thinking about how to manage The Travelling RDDBH (I have to look up his name). I thought if those interested in receiving him send their Betty names and mailing addresses to the blog e-mail address then a Founding Betty could compile them into a master list that could tucked into the box with him? I'll be happy to create a suitable box and padding etc. for mailing. I'll take a photo of him at a local spot then send him along. Thoughts?

    p.s. He's really cute.

  5. I will also observe (isn't the "Pennsylvania Dutch" headline funny?) that we should have taken our pictures before we had sat for six hours eating.

  6. Yum, yum, yum! It all looks so delicious! I am sorry to have attended merely in spirit (my corporeal self was swanking about downtown Portland today dodging slim-hipped hipsters and their out-sized pretensions) and am so glad it turned out so marvelously!

  7. Betty Barbara here--
    Home safe and sound and in possession of a new titanium hip (to match the two knees). I am so sorry I missed the gathering of the Bettys. It looks like y'all had soooo much fun.
    And did we ever decide on a name for the RDDBH?
    I would definitely be happy to host a visit from him and whichever Bettys can make it to Ellicott City MD!

  8. Professor Baron Marc van der ter Salis de Friesdijkstra

  9. Betty Barbara -- I might be able to bring the RDDBH down in person. I just learned that the woman I clerked with back in the day (and I'm embarrassed by how long it's been since I was a law clerk) is expecting her first child. She lives outside D.C., so I'm sure something could be arranged...

  10. Betty Magdalen--
    I believe you have my e-mail address. Let me know how your plans take shape. I am sure we can do something!