Friday, April 1, 2011

Be My Guest

Spring break is here at the van der Stevejinck house. No school/work until April 11th. I'm taking advantage of the break to drive down to Portland to spend three days or so with Betty Keira and Betty Tia. I usually take my youngest son with me...but he's plenty old enough to stay home with his dad who will be at work all day.  That means I can have my pick of Betty Keira's couches. I don't mind her kids coming downstairs and waking me up - I usually get up at 4:30am - so even if they are up by 6am, I've still 'slept in'. Betty Keira and I don't count as guests in each other's houses...we're family, and our family has a sort of motto:

You get what you get,
and you don't pitch a fit.

Friday Harbor is fine, but the ride there is
I was finishing up reading A Summer Idyll this morning, and I was struck by all the work Phoebe has to do - not only extra chores, but also entertaining guests - making sure they have something to do every day (which can be way more tiring). I love the fact that she sticks to their regular breakfast schedule 7:30am...and if their guests aren't there for breakfast, too bad. 

I've occasionally had house guests that I had to entertain - I have a sort of mental list of 'Places of Interest Within 30 Miles Or So'. Here's my list (which I adapt to suit the guests):
Chuckanut Drive: Goofy name, gorgeous views.
  • Taking the ferry from Anacortes to Friday Harbor - but never with Betty Marcy again.
  • Browsing among the many antique stores in Snohomish.
  • Scenic Drives: Mountain Loop Highway...including a short hike to the Big Four Ice Caves (when the bridge isn't washed out), Chuckanut Drive or the North Cascades Scenic Highway.
  • Seattle - Pike Place Market, Pacific Science Center, Space Needle, Ballard Locks...etc.
  • Ferry to Bainbridge Island then a short drive to Poulsbo (a little slice of Norway).
Where do you take/send your guests?

Pike Place: Come for the fish, leave
with at least one bouquet of flowers.