Thursday, December 22, 2011

Best of Betty 2011...

As 2011 is winding down, we here at The Uncrushable Jersey Dress thought it would be the perfect time to reflect on all the fun we've had this past year.  With that in mind, we thought it would be way easier awesome to have our readers in nominate "The Best of Betty 2011".

Maisy held her breath as the nominations for
Best Supporting Sluice Room Attendent were called.

And the categories are:

Best Review by Betty Keira
Best Review by Betty Debbie
Best Guest Post
Best Tarted-Up Picture
Best Culinary Attempt
Best Life After Betty
Favorite Betty Themes, Memes or Tropes
Best Book You Read this Year (Not necessarily Neels) and Why (feel free to elaborate).
Best Anything Else You Can Think of...

There are no real rules, just tell us what you liked this year - even if it's only tangentially associated with Betty. 

While you're giving it some thought, here's a little Christmas present from Betty Magdalen (December 2010).


  1. Darn it all! This means I have to neglect the housework in order to re-read 12 months' worth of entertaining blog posts!

  2. Golly--I totally forgot I'd written that. Not too bad, if it's not hopelessly immodest (and thus terribly un-Betty) of me to say so.

    Thanks, Founding Bettys, for inspiring me to be amusing. I literally couldn't have done it without you both.

  3. Betty van den BetsyDecember 22, 2011 at 8:12 PM

    Here's my vote for Best Guest Post, which is easy to figure out b/c I could click "Reader Submission" in your LABELS widget and review them all. As much as I loved the Jan 13 Betty in the Wild submission from Betty Kylene showing Cowboy Betty holding Caroline's Waterloo in a Montana outfitters, as much as I adored Betty Adele's Nov 10 post about the off-duty nurse who used a bra as a tourniquet, as delighted as I am by Betty Shilpa's Aug 17 piece on Neels in Academia, I vote for Betty Cindy's May 2 RDD Bobblehead video. That giggle at the end does it for me.

    I also vote for Betty Mary's Aug 29 Oil-Stained Shorts submission. I mean, who wouldn't?

  4. Merry Christmas to all the Bettys! It's been fun this year!

  5. Betty van den BetsyDecember 26, 2011 at 7:23 PM

    I went to the Cooking with Betty link at the top of the page to choose my favorite Best Culinary Attempt. My vote for runner-up is Betty Magdalen's very recent comments on her Christmas menu, as I loved the scope, diversity and yumminess of her meals. My choice for #1, though, is Betty Debbie's Jan 19 post on bread-and-butter pudding, since it stimulated some great conversation.

  6. This is so hard! There were so many good entries and reviews and illustrations. For best discussion thread, the one discussion that sticks out in my mind was the one about Brightonish behavior. Don't remember what date that was.

  7. Betty Lulu -- Yes! I also remember that as being very witty. Can't remember the date, and my feeble efforts at a Boolean search have failed me. I'm hoping the Founding Bettys will know.

  8. Betty van den BetsyJanuary 1, 2012 at 12:07 PM

    More votes, slightly arbitrary in nature as I got a little sleepy re-reading posts at a couple of points:

    Best Review by Betty Keira: either the one for Polly, which is stuffed with Latin tags and includes the memorable line describing the hero as potentially "doomed to swirl around the Toilet Bowl of Infinity", or the one for Off with the Old Love for its Swing Dance Guy metaphor and the vivid image of "the 2x4 of Dawning Realization"

    Best Review by Betty Debbie: either the one for A Kind of Magic, which reads in part, "And now for a little refresher course on one of my least favorite plot devices: Girl asks, 'Are you married?' Boy says, 'No, but I'm hoping to be in the near future.' Girl then assumes he has a girlfriend, boy assumes girl can read his mind, even though it's shielded like the starship Enterprise on a secret mission through Romulan territory." Vivid imagery, and that plot device likewise drives me up the wall -- or the one for Never Too Late, which is stuffed with great pix, most notably one of Betty D and Dr. van der Stevejink snogging in a castle.

    Best Tarted Up Picture: ummm.... oil-stained shorts by Betty Mary? Or Kirstie Alley/Saavik as Eustacia, depressing Gloria's pretensions (Suitable Match), or the 2x4 of Dawning Realization (Off with the Old Love), or the letter to Nanny, complete with postmark (The Good Wife).

    Or, perhaps the palm belongs to the video for An Independent Woman. Hmm. tie between the shorts and the short film.

  9. Betty Barbara here--
    With a few votes:
    Food entry--I go with Lardy Cake. I had heard of, or actually eaten, almost all of the other food items, but Lardy Cake was a complete mystery to me.
    Tarted up picture: Why, the 'oil-stained shorts', of course!
    I really can't pick a review--they were all great. I gave myself eye-strain trying to do a bit of re-reading and then couldn't reach a decision.

    I wish the Founding Bettys and all our other Bettys a Happy New Year.
    This Betty is off to make 'Hoppin' John'--a southern tradition on New Year's Day. It involves black-eye peas and rice and what ever else you want to throw in. Pork is also traditional-so out comes left-over Christmas ham.