Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Contest Submission!

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Flamingo Park

Angelina Pittance was no stranger to hard work. As the current cook and caregiver at the orphanage where she’d grown up, she was content with her lot in life although she often wished something less mundane would occur. Little did she know that a trip to the park, next to the hospital, would grant that very wish.

Professor Bradley Jolie van der Slaven often found himself at his office window in time to watch the woman from the orphanage marshalling her small charges into some semblance of order on their daily trek. To be sure, the dark haired beauty was quite fetching, but as head consultant at St Bart’s of the Holier Than Thou Hospital, his powerful brain should be wholly occupied with matters of a complicated medical nature. Furthermore, he was engaged to the beautiful Jennifer Anna-Stone.

Summoned to perform emergency surgery on an unidentified woman, he recognizes Angelina immediately from his daily vigil. Fate necessitates he welcome Angelina into his home during her recuperation. But once she is restored to complete health, can he bear to let her go? Or, will he finally accept that in life…love is all there is.

“But I thought you said that Jennifer was the only one for you,” Angelina replied her heart in her eyes as she looked up at him.

Bradley took her hand before responding, “My dearest darling, I believed it to be so and then as I came to know you, I realized that there could never be anyone else in my life and in my heart. I love you my darling.”

To the delight of the children sitting around them he kissed her.

“No, no Bradley you mustn’t,” cried Angelina. “I love you so and I can’t bear it if this is only a dream.”

“Cor, luv, let ‘em kiss you miss,” one of the children crowed. “Ben tha mos excitin’ we’ve had aroun’ here in ages mum.”

“Yes, let him kiss you miss,” Bradley murmured in her ear before matching word to deed.

And Angelina did.

Betty Trevia


  1. This is great...Betty Tracy

  2. Haha! Pittance, what a great name for a Neels heroine, I thought! The other names however...But then I got the pronunciation "right" for one of the names and I started reading again and it all unraveled. Haha! Very clever of you.
    Betty Anonymous

  3. Aw crumbs! I have to read this book!

  4. Betty Barbara here--
    Oh ho! very clever with the names. And the plot is great, too.
    Well done.

  5. sweetness, cor blimey x
    Betty AnHK