Friday, December 2, 2011

Re: Contest!!

via email:

Hi, Betty Debbie,
What a great idea! The contest. Unfortunately, I'm not much of a writer. I have always great ideas for the beginning, I know what the end should be like, but as for the middle...I can think up only a very little.

I did some sleuthing for you to complete the titles of the books. Alas, no Neels volume among those I could find.

Margaret Way, Flamingo Park

Anne Cooper, Fool’s Paradise

Susan Barrie, Nurse Nolan
0373800533 1980 Harlequin Books

bottom middle right (man’s face)

Mary Wibberley, Fire and Steel

FIre and Steel
bottom middle left (cowboy/woman)
Kerry Allyne, The Challenge

top right-hand corner could be:

Daphne Clair, Never Count Tomorrow

Never Count Tomorrow

Keep up the good work! I enjoy following this blog.

Betty Anonymous
( which I would like to remain - at least for now )

Dear Betty Anonymous,

I'm totally impressed by your (choose all that apply):
  1. Mad Google skills.
  2. Photographic memory.
  3. Encyclopaedic knowledge of vintage Harlequin.
  4. Creative channeling of your obsessive/compulsive tendencies.
(and is it just me, or does the 'lady' on the cover of Fire and Steel look like a dude in drag?)
Love and lardy cakes,
Betty Debbie