Thursday, December 8, 2011

Results Are In!!!

Dusting off my Grand High Poobah Arbiter of Everything hat...
Congratulations Betty Trevia for her Flamingo Park entry!  The Founding Bettys were swept away by the charming set up (we are suckers, natural-born suckers, for a vast RRD peeping through the dire, metal window blinds at a charmingly destitute orphan herder) and then sucked into the Vortex of Genius of her character names.  Professor Bradley Jolie van der Slaven! Angelina Pittance!

We remind Betty Trevia to send in her mailing address and thank, most graciously, all our other entrants.  I really, really wish you could all finish your novels so that I could read them and love them and keep them in a special shelf in my living room, marked Sweet Betty FanFic.  Make it so.