Thursday, December 1, 2011


Before I get to the contest portion of the program, let me first give a Happy Birthday! shout out to Betty Keira who turns thirtysomething today (she's looking 36 in the face...). Well do I remember the day - and why shouldn't I? I was a senior in high school when she made her debut.

Anywho...back to business. 

In order to celebrate the end of NaNoWriMo (and BettyWriMo) we here at TUJD decided to have a CONTEST!! That's what we're saying - but actually our contest idea had more to do with our serendipitous Black Friday find that we couldn't pass up.  A 1000 piece puzzle with 80's style Harlequin covers? Shut. Up.

 Winner gets this fabulous puzzle with 80's era Harlequin book covers (sadly no Neels).

  • Submit a pitch or a summary of Betty Neels style book to go with one of the Harlequin covers shown on the box.
  • Enter as often as you like.
  • Please email your submission to us - that way we can post them in all their glory.
  • Contest ends noon Pacific Standard Time on December 8th.
Here's a little better picture of the cover...the titles to work with are:
  1. Barefoot Bride
  2. Bargain Wife
  3. Where the Wolf Leads
  4. The Song and the Sea
  5. Flamingo P____ (Flamingo Park?)
  6. ______ Nolan (I see the edge of a nurse's cap AND a wheelchair....)
  7. ___ol's ______dise (probably Fool's Paradise)
Let the fun begin.


  1. Happy Birthday, Betty Keira,
    Hope you have a great day!
    All the best wishes from across the Atlantic Ocean.
    Betty Anonymous

  2. Thanks for the birthday wishes! I looked up the original synopses for some of them--hoped they might prove inspirational!

    Barefoot Bride by Dorothy Cork:
    Mike was making her pay for her lies

    Amy Martin arrived in Queensland, full of confidence, all set to marry her fiance, Clifford.
    She found him strangely unwelcoming--and sadly had to face the fact that he was having second thoughts about their future plans.

    So to save face Amy pretended that she was going to marry the cynical Mike Saunders instead. It seemed like a good idea--until Mike stunned her by taking her up on it!

    Where the Wolf Leads by Jane Arbor;

    Tara knew she was being used

    Dracon Leloupblanc had tricked Tara into an engagement, hoping his infatuated cousin would lose hope of Tara and return to his fiancee. And if that failed, Dracon intended to marry Tara!

    Normally the prospect of marriage to a handsome French wine merchant would have been delightful. But life at Dracon's estate in Bordeaux was anything but normal, and the thought of marrying the autocratic, insulting Dracon was nothing short of terrifying!

    Bargain Wife by Mary Burchell:

    She was living a lie and falling in love

    Three years of barely existing in New York made Tina desperately homesick for England. So she agreed to impersonate her friend Sonia to collect a small legacy in London. Sonia, marrying a wealthy American, didn't want it.

    Now the legacy turned out to be a small fortune that should rightfully belong to Dr. Charles Linton.

    Charles had always coolly said he'd marry for money to establish his special clinic -- and conscience-stricken, Tina knew what she would have to do.

  3. Betty Barbara here--
    The mystery books may be:

    Nurse Nolan by Susan Barrie--
    Lucy wasn't sure of her feelings. Sir John gave his invalid daughter, Miranda, all that money could buy -- but the child craved love. As her nurse, Lucy became the object of Miranda's affections -- reluctantly, because her position was only temporary. She felt concerned when Sir John brought home Lynette Harling, a temperamental ballerina uninterested in the role of stepmother. But was Lucy's concern for her patient or because of her feelings for Sir John?

    Flamingo Park by Margaret Way-
    Nick Langford was a super person - handsome, wealthy, kind and understanding - but he treated Kendall like a child. She was grateful to Nick for being a good friend of the family, but this "big brother" nonsense had to stop.
    Kendall was a woman now and she could look after herself!
    Or she thought she could - until she realized she was in love with Nick! Suddenly like seemed very complicated...

    Fool's Paradise by Ann Cooper
    At eighteen Emma Price had run away from Nicholas Voss when he asked her to marry him. She felt she could not fulfill his expectations.
    Now, five years later, to her amazement, Nicholas was about to take over Whitewayes, her family estate and a local showplace. Emma couldn't face sharing the stately house with this arrogant man.
    But Nicholas had plans for Whitewayes--and for Emma. There would be no running away this time!

    The Nurse Nolan one sounds very Neels already, doesn't it?

  4. Betty van den BetsyDecember 1, 2011 at 6:03 PM

    Dracon Leloupblanc???!!!!

  5. Betty Barbara here again
    Ooops-we've left one out--
    The Song and the Sea.
    So here goes the original blurb:
    Her mother's dying wish had been for Charlotte to finish her voice training, but now her newly discovered father wanted her to join him on Nicholas D'Avernon's deep-sea expedition.
    Nick wanted her, too. In fact, he was exerting all his considerable powers to persuade Charlotte to come.
    Charlotte was thrilled about going -- but knew she'd have to guard her feelings. She had no intention of becoming another victim of Nick's charm!

  6. Happy Birthday Keira...thirties are the best age...forever ;-)

    Where the Wolf Leads by Betty Neels;

    Nurse Phemily knew she was being used

    Doctor Draco von der Grossweisswolf had pushed Phemily into an engagement after she lost her archeologist parents in an Egyptian avalanche. But it was only a smokescreen to stop teenage stalker Prisscilla from chasing the eminently distinguished Professor.

    Normally the prospect of a fake marriage to a disdainful Dutch Doctor would have been delightful. But if life at Draco’s grand family home in Friesland was daunting why did Phemily feel so upset that the widow Sahara van Sveltpurse had taken up residence in the Professor’s dark paneled bedroom suite.

    Was he leading her a-stray or would this time the wolf find its true nurse mate?

    Betty AnHK

  7. Felicitations Betty Keira! I'm not much good at writing ... but I sure am enjoying everyone's efforts.

    Betty Janet

  8. Betty Barbara here--
    Betty AnHK--your little take on Where the Wolf Leads was just great! You come up with The Best Names!! I can't decide whether I like 'Phemily' or 'Sahara van Sveltpurse' the best.

  9. The great white wolf! Disdainful Dutch doctor Draco! Love the alliteration. But the other woman taking up residence in the professor's bedroom? Betty Neels better come up with a good explanation for that.

  10. Re.: Sahara van Sveltpurse had taken up residence in the Professor’s dark paneled bedroom suite.

    I, too, had reservations about that. In Neeldom it would only work if the DDdDraco were to take up residence in one of the rooms in Granny's/Oma's/Beppe's wing of his grand family home in Friesland.
    But then, if his home were that vast the wily widow might easily be granted accommodation in any number of other rooms. So there would be no need for him to move out of his suite.
    Betty Anonymous