Friday, December 16, 2011

TUJD Vintage Ornament

via email:

Betty Debbie

I just wanted the Founding Bettys to know that the Mistletoe Kiss Pine Cone Ornament is NOT languishing in some box.

Verily, it is proudly displayed on the tree. This year I was able to position it appropriately (see photo).
A very Merry Christmas to you all.

Love and figgy pudding from

Betty Barbara

Dear Betty Barbara,
Thank you for the picture!  I find your other ornaments to be suitably Betty-ish (are they mice?).
For those of you who were not following along last Christmas, I made a few of these ornaments as contest prizes. I even did a little craft tutorial (here). I'm now wondering if anyone besides me made their own? 

An official TUJD photo from last December.


  1. Betty van den BetsyDecember 16, 2011 at 7:49 AM

    I did *not* attempt a Betty Cone, and given my lack of craftiness am not confident I could manage a paper chain. However, next time one's offered as a contest prize...

    Weren't there a few others pine-cone prizes? It would be lovely to see how those winners are displaying their trophies.

  2. Betty Barbara here--

    Betty Debbie, the critters are chipmunks.
    I have a fondness for chipmunks--I think they are so cute!
    The ornaments were from Hallmark. (From back before Hallmark devoted most of their ornament line to movie/television tie-ins!).

    There are a number of embroidered(by me) ornaments on the tree--Betty would approve. But, alas, no paper chains--no school age children in the household to make them!

  3. I read the instructions a couple of months ago and though I do believe myself able to follow them (they are very straight-forward) I don't know if I have the patience for the fiddly part of assembling the pieces. I copied the picture of the cones you made for your family and made it (multiplied) into a desktop wall-paper. But since it wasn't the season I switched back to my Amsterdam Groenburgwal wall-paper. Wait. - Just now I enlarged it, put in the center of my desktop, changed the colour around it to a fawn-like shade. And voilĂ ! Looks pretty neat!
    Betty Anonymous

  4. Betty Barbara, This is super adorable and I loved the Mistletoe Kiss ornament. If that's made of the actual book how clever. Cheers, and Neelie paper chains made from the Fifth Day and an angel craftedfrom the Chirstmas Wish for all the TUJD crew here, thanks for the humour and Bettyness.
    Betty AnHK

  5. Betty AnHK--
    Betty Barbara here--I won the Mistletoe Kiss pine cone in a contest held here last year. The ornament was made by the Founding Bettys and is from Chapter 2 of the book. I quite treasure it.