Monday, December 5, 2011

Contest Submission

Bargain Wife

Baron Dietrieck van Wessell finds more than he bargains for at the annual church rummage sale…

Henrietta Lively, on leave from St Margaret’s to care for her ailing father, is roped into volunteering at the local church’s charity event. While busily nipping along a back corridor, she is waylaid by an elderly lady who is not feeling quite herself. Kindly Henrietta waits with the woman, muttering soothingly until her son arrives. Henrietta is shocked to discover that not only is the woman mother to Baron Deitrieck van Wessell, but that her son is a very arrogant man indeed!

“I would hardly dare advise what you should do Baron,” Henrietta replied in a soothing voice. “It was merely a suggestion that you give your offer more thought.”

The Baron stared coldly down at her from his great height before replying. “I am not inclined to speak without thinking young lady, although, clearly I cannot say the same for you. Besides, I’ve just asked you to marry me. Must you persist in calling me Baron?”

Oh dear, Henrietta thought as she peeped up at him from beneath generous lashes. She’d upset him again. Oh well, she sighed, in for a penny, in for a pound, “No need to feel out of sorts B…um, Deitrieck. I only meant to say that I would gladly accept your offer of marriage if you’re sure.”

Henrietta watched the Baron’s expression gentle at her use of his first name. “Oddly enough, I find myself very sure that at the rummage sale, I have found a rare treasure indeed.”

Betty Trevia
  • (I'm pretty sure Betty Trevia is also the contributor of the Barefoot Bride submission - Betty Debbie)