Monday, December 19, 2011

Re.: Christmas Candy

via email from Betty Anonymous:

The first three boys, I have to agree with Betty Barbara there, „are entirely Too Young to be RDD material“. Nikolaj has a 'beak of a nose', but I would not call it handsome and therefore he doesn’t qualify. I don’t know many Dutch actors. Tall? Perhaps. Big with it. Afraid not. (Actually there is one who is large. But apart from sporting an untidy beard he always has an unruly mop of hair, he isn’t handsome enough, and his form is rather rotund, so, no, he doesn’t qualify.) Beaky nose? Hm. Blond? That’s where it get’s really difficult.

Not blond.

Jeroen Krabbé is a famous Dutch actor, whom you may have seen. Or not. (I remember him as the bad guy in Crossing Delancey. Here is a picture of him as the bad guy, Dr Charles Nichols, in The Fugitive.

There is a blond Dutch actor, though, whom you all know, I dare say. He is tall, blond, has blue/light blue-gray eyes and a slightly beaky nose. And he is considered to be a handsome man. (Can I see him as BN material? – No.)
Rutger Hauer

There is an American actor who qualifies, in a way, for several reasons.

Tall? – Not overly. Only 5 ft 9.
Vast? – No.
Blond? – Dark. But then not all of the RDDs are fair.
Casper van Dien

Casper Robert van Dien, Jr., born 1968 in Ridgewood, New Jersey

Van Dien is a descendant of an old Dutch family long settled in the New York area; his other heritage includes Swedish, French, English and Native American. (Dutch: check)

The street on which Van Dien grew up in Ridgewood, New Jersey, Van Dien Avenue, was named after his great great grandfather. ('It's a castle!' she exclaimed. 'No, it's a Middle Ages red-brick house called a stins; we have no castles as such and not many of the stinsen remain.': check – sort of) – An Unlikely Romance

The name Casper is a family tradition, given to the eldest son of his family for more than 11 generations. (Little Duert, little Hugo, little Coenraad...: check)

There is a long military tradition in Van Dien's family. Aside from his father, Casper Robert Van Dien, Sr., a retired U.S. Navy Commander and fighter pilot, his grandfather was a Marine during World War II. When Van Dien was older, his family moved to Florida, where he enrolled at the St. Petersburg campus of the Admiral Farragut Academy, graduating 3rd in command. Next, he went to Florida State University in Tallahassee. ('Was your father a surgeon, too?' 'Yes, and his father before him.' – check – up to a point)The Fortunes of Francesca

1993 - 1997 married to Carrie Mitchum, they have two children,
Casper "Cappy" Robert Van Dien III and Caroline Dorothy Grace "Gracie" Van Dien
1999 - married to Catherine Oxenburg, they have two daughters, Maya and Celeste Alma

Oxenberg and Van Dien are celebrity ambassadors for the non-profit organization Childhelp.
(She additionally agreed to join several of the charity committees too because it was expected of her. – check)An Unlikely Romance

Betty Anonymous


  1. This is the funniest BLOG ever.... I've book marked it! - and I didn't know Jeroen Krabbé was DUTCH!!! - well I never looked -but I love his acting and that accent! So that's how the Dutch speak English... of course All of Betty's DDs never have an accent!

  2. Krabbe has always been a pin-up of mine. What a babe.

    I so loved Hauer but he has not aged very well. (NOt that I care. I still love him.)

    I'm on board with Van Dien as long as we know he's capable of a really icy rage.

  3. Thanks for the Candy research. Casper van Dien, great name and handsome.

    My free association line of Casper van Diem - Starship Troupers! Nudity and Bugs! Paul Verhoeven! Dutch! Black Book! Show Girls!

    But good to know all the subtleties about Casper's historical family background. Anyone see their marriage reality show?
    Perhaps he's more in the line of handsome brother or cousin rather than main hero but a good candidate.

    Jeroen Krabbé, like Sebastian Koch (German), actors to like because of their filmology as much as their roles. Rutger, what did happen to the eighties crush from Ladyhawke and Bladerunner, I mean Dracula III, really? Either aging or agenting badly.
    Betty AnHK

  4. Just reading your comments re: actors for dutch doctors. There is another dutch actor I came across recently named Derek De Lint, I first saw him in an english tv show called Silent Witness playing a Dutch Ambassador (of course) in London but he's also starred in quite a lot of movies mostly made in the Netherlands, but he also had a very small part in Three Men and a Baby. I think he fits the bill very nicely for a RDD, he has the look and the nice plus he speaks French, German, English and Dutch, what more could you ask for. I'm not sure how to include a picture with my comments but you can google him and read his bio if you're nterested in more photos.

  5. I had chosen pictures of Rutger Hauer that showed off his blue-gray (Brit spelling alert) eyes - though I realized that at the time the fotos were shot he was past the due date for even the eldest of our RDDs. (And his hair was too long too.) Still, a pity about those eyes. Thanks for adding the pictures of the van Dien couple. You should google "van Dien Oxenberg" and look for the dress she is wearing in the picture at the bottom. When I saw it I was wondering if it was a possible for a Neels heroine or if the Great Betty would have found it as awful as I do.
    Betty Anonymous

  6. Nice tie-in with the next blog post, which has a photo of the late Diana, Princess of Wales. Catherine Oxenberg is a distant cousin of Diana's (or Charles's, I forget) and played her in a TV movie about Charles & Diana.