Friday, December 16, 2011

Christmas Candy

via email from Betty Francesca:
Hi guys, what about these pics? for a BN guy, or his younger brother?

 Thank you, Betty Francesca for sending us links to these three bits of eye candy:
Rupert Penry-Jones. Hot? Heck yeah.

Definitely hot - but in a younger brother sort of way.
Umm...hate to admit it, but I don't have a clue as to who he is.
Ryan McPartlin.  Hot? Yes, but he looks like he knows it.
Again, younger brother material?

Again, thank you Betty Francesca, and in the spirit of giving, I would like to offer:
Nikolaj Coster-Waldau.  He's really Danish,
but plays a hot Dutchman in the short-lived series, New Amsterdam.


  1. Betty van den BetsyDecember 16, 2011 at 3:40 PM

    Rupert Penry-Jones has just enough furrowing in the brow to make him a possibility. Nikolaj Coster-Waldau is spot on - but only after having been in theatre all night, operating on 40 victims of a warehouse fire. Otherwise, the RDD is always freshly shaved.

  2. Betty Barbara here--
    My point of view is that the first three dudes are hot, hot, hot--and entirely Too Young to be RDD material. Nickolaj has the 'magnificent beak of a nose'-but otherwise does nothing for me.

    I have always thought that Christopher Plummer could do any variation of a Betty hero--he's got the nose, to be sure, and anyone who has seen The Sound of Music KNOWS he can do the haughty. He was dark haired in his younger years--so that's a strike against him. But I do confess that he is who I picture when I read my Betty books.

  3. Sometimes I picture someone who has the audacious-Alpha-ness of John Wayne and the 'I'm-clearly-a-responsible-gentlemanly-and-hot-hot-adult' side of Gregory Peck.

  4. It's weird. I don't picture anyone I know when I read a book. They are partially faceless. I do picture Neels characters in period clothing, though. Something like the ladies on the Lawrence Welk show.

  5. LOL

    Thank you ladies for posting the pics.

    The last one you posted def looks like a BN guy!

    I vil look for ze more!!!!


  6. Betty Janet here -- I have a Betty opinion from my 81-year-old Mum, Betty Nancy, who lives in Sudbury, Ontario. Here's what she shared with me in a letter I just received (I have been sharing all my extra Bettys w/her).

    "I finished all the Betty Neels -- amazing, aren't they! You notice the heroes and heroines are all the same, aren't they? She is "mousey" but has a brilliant smile & he is big, wealthy & reticent. (And very knowledgeable about ladies fashions). I love the descriptions of meals and there are usually all kinds of faithful family retainers around to do the heavy lifting. I like the Dutch scenes. What I don't like are the cats or the dogs, although there don't seem to be quite so many of them. B. Neels seems to be uneasy with love scenes. The hero doesn't declare himself -- usually -- until the very last page & it's a pretty brief declaration. No bedroom encounters! A bit like Jane Austen -- all left to the imagination..."

  7. Betty Janet: I love your mum's take on the novels! Her description really made me smile.

    Regarding the pictures, I think the last one is the most accurate. Everyone else looks so young and cheerful!

    To be honest, I picture the James Bond I grew up with: Pierce Brosnan! Unless they're blond doctors...

  8. Candy! Nikolaj is definitely a great Dane, also a v. good approximation of a Neels hero. Loved Rupert P-Jones in the last scene of Persuasion mini-series...not very Austen. But he gives her the Manor!

    Betty books, in how I experience them, do not seem particularly visceral or visual. Probably would imagine the men in a painterly shadowy, roughly brushed manner of Mills and Boon cover circa 80's. Craggy and without need for any real facial detail except a pronounced jaw looming over the heroine in a dark turnbull & asser suit.
    Betty AnHK