Monday, December 5, 2011

Contest (NOT an entry)

via email:
Hi Betty Debbie--

Before you get your hopes up, this IS NOT a contest entry. But I did want to bring to your attention the two blurbs I have for this book--

Lucy wasn't sure of her feelings. Sir John gave his invalid daughter, Miranda, all that money could buy -- but the child craved love. As her nurse, Lucy became the object of Miranda's affections -- reluctantly, because her position was only temporary. She felt concerned when Sir John brought home Lynette Harling, a temperamental ballerina uninterested in the role of stepmother. But was Lucy's concern for her patient or because of her feelings for Sir John?

I mean--good grief! How Betty can you get? Until I read this other blurb:

Nurse Lucy Nolan was very fond of her charge, crippled, motherless Miranda, who bore all her misfortunes so bravely. She wasn't so sure about Miranda's father. He seemed ruthless and autocratic and Lucy could not forgive his apparent indifference to his little girl. Yet, sometimes, he showed signs of more endearing qualities... Lucy was soon to have an opportunity of comparing him with another man, the famous surgeon Rupprecht Wern, into whose skillful hands Miranda's future was to be placed. And it was at the Wern Clinic in Vienna, and later among the sun-bright snows of the Austrian Alps, that Lucy was to reach final understanding of him and of her own destiny.

Oh my! a Betty-type heroine having to choose between two hunks. Will it be ruthless millionaire or dashing surgeon??

I was so intrigued that I've tracked down a copy of the book and I promise a Life After Betty book report after Christmas.

Love and figgy pudding from
Betty Barbara

Betty Barbara,
I'm looking forward to your Life After Betty book report - good job on finding those intriguing blurbs! Betty van den Betsy has an upcoming book report this Friday...mark that day in your calendars ladies!
Betty Debbie