Saturday, December 3, 2011

Contest Submission!!

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Barefoot Bride

When Beatrice’s parents were killed in an automobile accident, she accepted the responsibility of caring for her siblings and maintaining their home on her meager clerical salary. But, when a fire destroys their house, she tries not to panic realizing they are now homeless and must find an emergency shelter that will keep her family together during the holidays.

An unexpected marriage proposal was the answer to her many prayers, but would her fiancée ever see her as anything other than a damsel in distress needing rescue?

When Dr Victor van der Merijick befriends the plain girl with beautiful eyes who walks sooty and shoeless into his clinic, he comes to realize that she may be the woman he has been looking for….He approaches her with an unconventional arrangement and then promptly loses his heart.

“Perhaps I can suggest a solution to your, er, rather unfortunate set of circumstances,” Dr Victor van der Merijick responded placidly to Beatrice’s outburst, encompassing her small person in a sweeping glance from head to wiggly bare toes.

Beatrice looked up at him, unable to decipher what he was thinking as his heavy eye lids shielded the gleam in his eyes from her perusal. She regarded him suspiciously. Was he laughing at her?

Beatrice cleared her throat before replying rather haughtily, “Sir, you hardly know me. What possible solution could you provide for me at this time?”

“Might you consider marrying me,” was his calm response. “I think you will agree that we have enough in common to make a suitable match.”


  1. Lost from two fires, he'll be her 'emergency shelter' when she needs it...nudge nudge, wink wink. Oopps sorry, have a mind that goes to Brighton at any or no hint. The Sooty Bride, love it. Would so read this and good dialogue, thank you very much.
    Betty AnHK

  2. Betty van den BetsyDecember 4, 2011 at 3:43 PM

    Brilliant! Who wrote this?

  3. Very Neelish. Barefoot Bride Beatrice has a certain ring to it. I would agree that "Barefoot Bride" conjures up an Araminta rather than an Olivia. I would read this book.