Wednesday, September 30, 2015


In the land of Neels, old ladies did not have work done. At least, not nice old ladies who wear wellies and potter around in garden sheds on the grounds of a stately mansion.

But The Founding Bettys are interested in changing the layout of the blog. Giving the old girl a nip here and tuck there and a static homepage... We're interested in this because we would like a brand new reader to come across the posts in related segments: Reviews in one place, Betty van den Betsy's book not worked from the back...etc.

Because we are not technical at all, this may take some doing but we ask for your patience and forbearance and for you not to chuck too many things at our heads while we do it. We don't know how great an upheaval this will be. But I'm pretty sure they said the very same words about the Suez Canal and look how that turned out...

The Founding Bettys