Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Hello! New Betty with a Question.

via email:


Just to say I have just stumbled across your blog and love it, am currently wondering why it has taken me so long to discover it! I've been hiding my Betty love for years.

I just wanted to make a request/suggestion... I am off to Europe this year and very keen to visit Holland simply because of my guilty husband is mildly amused by my need to centre our itinerary around key Betty destinations. I was after some sort of Betty map of Holland with references to key locations for novels. She often goes to Portugal in certain novels and I have already found those details to be spot on!

Do you know if such a map exists? Or even a list of locations?

LOVE the Betty cookery and fashion notes....

Many thanks,Sara
What does Richard Armitage have to do with this post?
Nothing. Nothing at all.
Dear Betty Sara,
Welcome to The Uncrushable Jersey Dress, where you can proudly fly your Betty flag!  We love meeting new friends here, and our lovely Bettys are always game to help out a fellow fan, in fact, I wouldn't be surprised at all to find out that as soon as Betty van den Betsy reads this, she'll be thumbing through her spread sheets for a brand new Betty By the Numbers article on Places in Holland (hint, hint).
If you give us a hint as to how much time you'll have to spend in Holland and how you'll be getting around I'm sure we can come up with some great itineraries.
Love and lardy cakes,
The Founding Bettys
p.s. We'd love to hear about Portugal!
Another gratuitous picture...courtesy of Betty von Susie

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Round Two and Soul-Destroying Results

Chick stuff would off-set the odor of lingering man-sweat from our brackets...

Greetings Bettys! I hope we're still on speaking terms! (Betty Keira, with difficulty, reminded herself that exclamation points smacked of desperation.)  First, I have tabulated the results of our voting last week on our first round of Odious Comparisons:

Sister Peters in Amsterdam crushed Nurse in Holland. (ten votes to none)
Blow Hot, Blow Cold decimated Tempestuous April
Fate is Remarkable edged out Damsel in Green
Tulips for Augusta squeaked by Tangled Autumn
Tabitha in Moonlight blew out The Fifth Day of Christmas

After some consideration, I have decided to introduce a Wild Card round (much later in the game than this!). So, what you can do is harbor your grievances close to your bosom and unleash them for redress at a later date.  (Damsel in Green may be such a one.)  They may (if garnering enough votes) win their way back into the game.
Chicky chocolate

So, let's get going with the Second Round picks (links provided when you click on the title if your recall of Bettydom is not encyclopedic):

Wish with the Candles vs. Saturday's Child

Uncertain Summer vs. Victory for Victoria

Winter of Change vs. Cassandra by Chance

Three for a Wedding vs. Stars Through the Mist

Enchanting Samantha vs. The Gemel Ring

Chick Stuff!