Betty Neels Reviews

Wherein I make a valiant effort to list the collected works of Betty Neels.

I sat down and typed up a list of Betty Neels novels. It's a tough proposition. I wish I could've just copied and pasted from one source, but I really didn't want to include a list of all of her collaborative books and omnibus collections.
I don't know if I got all her books...according to Wikipedia, La Neels wrote a total of 134 books...but I came up with 138 titles. I'm not sure if they're counting some of her slightly shorter stories that were included in collections. Some stories have different British titles - although I think I was able to sort through those. The dates and order are not definitive...but they give a general sense of when Betty published the books. Sometimes I had the British copywrite date to go by, sometimes the U.S. copywrite date.
...again, it's not a definitive list...more like a guideline. (If you notice any big goofs, send me an email!)
Each time we review a book, I add the link to that review - so you should be able to just click on the book title to go to the review. Here goes nothing:

1969 - Sister Peters in Amsterdam*
Amazon in an Apron aka A Match for Sister Maggy/Nurse in Holland*
1970 - Blow Hot, Blow Cold aka Surgeon from Holland/Visiting
Surgeon/Visiting Consultant*
Tempestuous April aka Nurse Harriet Goes to Holland*
Damsel in Green*
Fate is Remarkable*
1971 - Tulips for Augusta*
Tangled Autumn*
The Fifth Day of Christmas*
1972 - Tabitha in Moonlight*
Wish with the Candles*
Saturday's Child*
Uncertain Summer*
Victory for Victoria*
1973 - Winter of Change aka Surgeon in Charge*
Cassandra by Chance*
Three for a Wedding*
Stars through the Mist*
Enchanting Samantha*
1974 - The Gemel Ring*
The Magic of Living*
Cruise to a Wedding*
The End of the Rainbow*
1975 - A Small Slice of Summer*
Henrietta's Own Castle*
A Star Looks Down*
The Moon for Lavinia*
Cobweb Morning*
Heaven is Gentle*
Roses for Christmas*
1976 - The Edge of Winter*
A Gem of a Girl*
1977 - Grasp a Nettle*
A Matter of Chance*
Pineapple Girl*
The Little Dragon*
The Hasty Marriage*
1978 - Britannia All at Sea*
Never While the Grass Grows*
Ring in a Teacup*
Philomena's Miracle*
1979 - Sun and Candlelight*
The Promise of Happiness*
Midnight Sun's Magic*
Winter Wedding*
1980 - Hannah*
Last April Fair*
When May Follows*
Caroline's Waterloo*
The Silver Thaw*
1981 - Not Once But Twice*
An Apple from Eve*
Heaven Round the Corner*
1982 - Judith*
A Girl to Love*
All Else Confusion*
A Dream Came True*
1983 - Midsummer Star*
Roses and Champagne*
Never Say Goodbye*
Never Too Late*
1984 - Once for All Time*
Year's Happy Ending*
Heidelberg Wedding*
1985 - At the End of the Day*
A Summer Idyll*
Magic in Vienna*
Never the Time and the Place*
1986 - A Girl Named Rose*
Two Weeks to Remember*
The Secret Pool*
1987 - Stormy Springtime*
Off with the Old Love*
A Doubtful Marriage*
A Gentle Awakening*
1988 - The Course of True Love*
When Two Paths Meet*
Paradise for Two*
1989 - The Fateful Bargain*
No Need to Say Good-Bye*
The Chain of Destiny*
Hilltop Tryst*
1990 - The Convenient Wife*
A Suitable Match*
The Girl With Green Eyes*
Roses Have Thorns*
1991 - The Most Marvelous Summer*
The Final Touch*
A Kind of Magic*
A Little Moonlight*
1992 - An Unlikely Romance*
Romantic Encounter*
A Happy Meeting*
The Quiet Professor*
An Old-Fashioned Girl*
1993 - The Awakened Heart*
A Valentine for Daisy*
At Odds with Love*
A Girl in a Million*
The Proposal (Collections - "Christmas Wishes" and "Two for the Heart")*
1994 - Waiting for Deborah*
Dearest Mary Jane*
A Secret Infatuation*
A Christmas Wish (Collection - "Christmas Wishes)*
1995 - Fate Takes a Hand*
Wedding Bells for Beatrice*
Dearest Love*
The Bachelor's Wedding*
The Right Kind of Girl*
1996 - Marrying Mary*
Only by Chance*
A Kiss for Julie*
The Vicar's Daughter*
*A Christmas Proposal (Collection: A Betty Neels Christmas)*
1997 - The Daughter of the Manor*
The Mistletoe Kiss*
Love Can Wait*
The Fortunes of Francesca*
1998 - Nanny by Chance*
An Ideal Wife*
A Winter Love Story*
1999 - Discovering Daisy*
*An Innocent Bride*
A Good Wife*
A Christmas Romance (in Mistletoe Magic - omnibus)
Making Sure of Sarah*
2000 - Always and Forever*
Matilda's Wedding*
Dearest Eulalia (in Mistletoe Miracles - omnibus)
2001 - An Independent Woman*
The Doctor's Girl*
An Ordinary Girl (The Engagement Effect two-fer)
Emma's Wedding*