Friday, March 30, 2012

Round One: Section Ten Results, Section Eleven Voting

A Little Moonlight over A Kind of Magic
Romantic Encounter over An Unlikely Romance
I cast the deciding vote for The Quiet Professor over A Happy Meeting but it was a little bit 'six of one, half a dozen of the other'...or soba noodles.
An Old-Fashioned Girl rode roughshod over The Awakened Heart (which title sounds a little E.A. Poe-ish)
A Valentine for Daisy beat out At Odds with Love

I don't know if you noticed but these are the books that began to be published in the early 90s.
So, when those naughty teens in Neeldom are blasting their pop records..."Here we are now, entertain us, I feel stupid and contagious, Here we are now, entertain us...OOF"  (Was that the sound of a slacker being knocked over by the highly polished fender of a whisper quiet, great, socking Bentley?)

And now for Section 11 Voting! (There are 14 sections so we are nearing the end of round one and the other rounds will be faster and faster):

A Girl in a Million vs. The Proposal
Waiting for Deborah vs. Dearest Mary Jane
A Secret Infatuation vs. A Christmas Wish
Fate Takes a Hand vs. Wedding Bells for Beatrice
Dearest Love vs. The Bachelor's Wedding

There are some I really like in here so I'm interested to see how it shakes out.
Happy voting!
But not all was dreck.  The 90s also heralded the onslaught of sideburns on the style of 90210 bad boy Dylan McKay. Mijnheer van Voorhees sported these at our wedding and never after.  Ah well.