Monday, February 21, 2011

The Awakened Heart - Discussion Thread

Sophie has to rearrange her shift a ton because of Ida--a chronically ill nurse.  We never find out what it is that Ida has. Is it chronic? Is it communicable? Is she faking? I want to know.

Rijk's home has an onion dome and a moat.  He says, 'It's quite cozy inside.' Personally, I think it sounds a Disney-esque/Slavic way.  I do have to wonder about a Dutch house with a moat and onion dome...somehow it doesn't seem very Dutch. It seems just a wee bit like having a mock Tudor in Southern California...complete with palm trees.

speaking of 'well corseted'...
Sophie's future mother-in-law is described as having 'well-corseted stoutness'.  I'm old enough to remember my mother wearing a girdle (not that she really needed it then)back in the 1960's - the kind with suspender clips for nylons.  When she discovered pantyhose, that sounded the death knell for her girdle.  I was old enough at the time to be privy to my mother's thrill at tossing away the girdle...her nod to Women's Lib.
Rijk tells her that 'a good deal of my wealth is the result of no doubt ill gotten gains from my merchant ancestors'.  Evidently the Hanna Bettys come from a line of shining examples of sterling reputation...with the commiserate impecunity that comes with.  Just kidding.  We're pretty sure that we can count a horse thief or two if we go back far enough. Unfortunately horse-thievery is not the kind of career that leads to a boatload of ill gotten gains.  It more likely led to a boatload of deported criminals.

The rector tells them that he 'may have the happy task of christening your children.'  Betty Keira wondered if Anglicans christen? Has she forgotten that christening (or re-christening) is a major plot device in The Importance of Being Earnest? Here's a picture from my favorite version.