Thursday, February 24, 2011

Not Once but Twice--Discussion Thread

Adam takes her to a Greek restuarant where she has a kebab, and an Indonesian restaurant for nasi goreng...I don't need any other details to tell me he's the villain of the piece.  I really like kebabs and they remind me of this song from Flight of the Conchords (which is clean-ish (It's on Letterman but he does compare the relative attractiveness of a sort-of beautiful woman with that perhaps attainable by a high-class prostitute...).  Some of the lyrics: Let's get in a cab, I buy you a kebab.  And I can't believe I am sharing a kebab with the most beautiful woman I have ever seen with a kebab.
The power of the kebab...
You're much nicer looking than anyone in the vicinity of this kebab restaurant if you exclude the women in the line outside the club down the street...
George Henry likes 'modern' furnishings.  I don't need any other details to tell me that he's a villain of the piece.  I really like modern furniture but can't imagine doing up my whole house in a style so spare.  One of my favorite websites is Unhappy Hipsters--a site that fills my need for a peek at modern style (because the little Mijnheer is not a fan) while poking fun at the pretension that often goes with.

"He took his double x table and the grey oak cabinet doors when he left, but much like his absence she hardly noticed."
Christina goes to a beauty parlour and has her make-up done...she ends up not looking like herself. Make-up is such a personal thing.  I wear eyeliner most often (Middle-eastern and Indian women know what they're doing when they work from the eyes.) and then on some Sundays (It depends on how late we are.) I do a light foundation, lipstick, blush, and eye shadow.  It takes me five minutes, perhaps, and really, really basic.  I am the despair of Betty Kylene who knows what it is to dress up.

An English girl has her baby in Casualty (not enough time to make it to the maternity ward).  This is my nightmare.  Betty Debbie could tell you the story of someone she knows who gave birth in a car.  (No, thank you.)

Christina tells Duert that he has a 'very catholic taste' in girls--which you could take any way you like.  Glass half full: He is willing to be pleased.  Glass half empty: He is indiscriminate.  
Duert says he likes her better with straight hair--'you're not a girl to wear curls and waves'.  When I began dating Mijnheer van Voorhees I spent 45 minutes before each date curling my very thick (and stick straight) hair.  Gradually I tapered off as I found he was perfectly happy to bill and coo no matter what my hair looked like.  Perhaps Duert is the same...