Sunday, February 27, 2011

Betty Goes to Church

Presently they passed a house or two and then an occasional villa, set well back from the road in a well laid out garden and then, surprisingly close, a church spire above the dunes and a cluster of rooftops around it, and a moment later the road curved and they were in full sight.
Not Once but Twice


  1. A pic to match my melancholy feelings. Back to school tomorrow after 10 days at home due to 2 vacation days and 4 snow and ice days!
    Interesting quote:
    I don't remember them traveling to Italy? Are there villas in England or Holland. And being from Michigan I know sand dunes. Where are theny located in Betty Land.

  2. The villas are in Holland.

    There are sand dunes in Michigan? I guess it makes sense. Being from a coastal state, I tend to equate sand dunes with the ocean - in spite of being familiar with sand dunes in the inland states of Idaho and Utah.

    Betty Keira and I grew up an hour from the Oregon Dunes National Rec. Area...those are some dunes.

  3. There are sand dunes in Michigan?
    Oh Yeah..... Here are some lovely pics of the Sleeping Bear Nat'l Lakeshore

  4. I know there are dunes in Idaho because Napoleon Dynamite's grandma breaks her 'cock-ix' on a trip to the dunes...