Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Question of the Week

Wigs.  Miss Phipps the Deliciously Objectionable Landlady in The Awakened Heart wears them.  Hers tend to slip a little when she excitedly involves herself in the romantic affairs of her tenants. 

Sometimes I feel sad to have missed the Great Hay-day of artificial hair enhancement.  Switches and wigs look so much fun. Today a pixie blonde, tomorrow a raven-haired beauty...Still, we do have Bumpits and Betty Kylene makes the most of that.

My question is: Have you ever worn wigs (for medical or aesthetic purposes)? Did/do you love them and what are the hidden pitfalls? 


  1. Betty Marcy is fully qualified to answer this one. I got to see two of the wigs she used last summer - a medium long auburn and a short brunette. Since she had ALWAYS had long hair, it was refreshing to see some change - and frankly, she looked pretty amazing in the shorter one. I think she had a blonde Dolly Parton style too, but alas, I wasn't in town long enough to see that one.

    My mother wore wigs for a while in the 1970's. I guess the idea was that you wouldn't have to spend as much time on styling. The one wig I remember was short and curly - not really a flattering style. I knew another lady from church who was just a little older than my mother who always wore wigs - I saw her once without her wig - her natural hair was quite short. She was a hilarious lady - we called her 'George' after that because of the short hair. I can't remember what her real name was - she will always be 'George' in my memory.

  2. Betty Barbara here--
    One of my young co-workers (we are talking 3-4 years ago now)had that strange disease where your hair falls out--forgotten the name. Anyhoo, she had a vast wardrobe of wigs-all funky. There was the purple one and the dark blue one(both rather short) and a long black one. They looked cute on her.
    Back in the mid 60's, I had a "fall"--basically a hair piece that gave you instant long hair. You disguised where it attached with a head band. I like the effect so much I decided to grow my hair long!

  3. Alopecia? My aunt lost all the hair on her body. She wore wigs and painted on eyebrows.

    My favorite SIL Janet had a curly blonde fall that she used when she dressed up Fancy. She'd put all her hair up and pin on the fall and she was ready for the ball! I loved watching her with that, she's still my idol!

    I remember trying wigs on and being grateful I didn't have to wear them, cuz my head itched!
    Kids use the fake braids and hairy ponytail holders these days. I want to use them but I'm sure I'd look silly. lol

  4. I had a couple of wigs I wore back in the 70s, just for fun. It was interesting the old guys liked the fluffy blond wigs (I worked in a restaurant) while the younger crowd liked my natural long hair.