Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Upcoming Reviews

Monday, February 28th. A Dream Came True.  Jemima(!) is companion to the cantankerous Lady Manderly. Snowbound in Scotland...ladies maid breaks her arm. Rescue by helicopter!
Thursday, March 3rd. At the End of the Day. Julia is just turned 30. Professor van der Wagema is looking 42 in the face. The part of the fiancee is played by Neville Nigel Longbottom Longman. 


  1. Aren't ya kinda hopin' that Jemima has nieces & nephews!
    Lady Manderlay? And is Rebecca's ghost in this one, too? Let's skip Mrs. Danvers though, too creepy.

    Miracle Max & Simka! My favorite couple in the movies! I approved of her dumping Latka for Max.

    I read the Prof v.d.W. statement all wrong. It's my skinny SIL's fault. When she describes pretty, heavy women, she says they are pretty on their Face. (I know, I want shake her...grrrrr) Any way, so I saw '42 in the face' and I'm thinking - Just in his Face? giggle giggle he he

    Did Novio Tony get sick?

  2. Betty Magadalen--I don't get Betty Mary's joke....

  3. 1 Aunt Jemima?
    2 In Rebecca Joan Fontaine's character is a companion, Manderlay is her future home. Jemima is companion to Lady Manderly.
    3. Carol Cane and Andy Kaufman were Simka and Latka on Taxi. She plays Miracle Max's wife in Princess Bride.
    4. I'm hoping this one is self explanatory.
    5. Tony is the usual stinky fiancé's name.
    Sorry Betty JoDee! I blame this on two things. I had a WHOLE WEEK off work due to snow and ice days & I listen to too much NPR Sunday Puzzle word association games.

  4. Dear Betty Mary,
    1. HA!
    2. I sort of got this one. It's been many years since I read Rebecca...but I HAVE read it. Not sure if I saw the movie.
    3. I missed the Simka and Latka reference - not having been a faithful follower of Taxi.
    4. Got it. I do the same thing all the time - I hear things wrong.
    5. Got it.

    Thank you,
    Betty Debbie

  5. Betty Mary, it was #4. It's always the #4 jokes. Betty Magdalen always gets them (that's why she's my elder sister and her characters know the route to Brighton).

    AND if she weren't over preaching a colonial sermon on another thread, she'd be paying attention over here where it's more raucous and less nerve-wracking for get-away-from-those-political-rocks-Betty Keira (who despite her buttoned bodice protestations seems to get the jokes that I don't--*heehee).

  6. Are we clear? Because I missed Betty JoDee's question (if it's not in the Recent Comments feed, I sometimes need help stumbling across a specific comment).

    My assumption is that when the RDD is "staring 42 in the face," that could be inches, as in bust size.

    Betty Mary, did I get that about right? Oh, and here's a shameless plug for you: Betty Ross and I blog twice weekly about the NPR Puzzle here.

  7. Preaching? Moi? And I was trying so hard to be fair minded and even handed...

    Say it ain't so, Betty JoDee! :-)

  8. Okay, so is it the "face" as opposed to elsewhere on him, or is it the "42" as in inches of female anatomy, Betty "Even-handed" Magdalen? (which is better than saying Julia's "Even-handed" RDD....)

  9. Well, he is staring, and I take that to be a fairly euphemism-free verb form specific to eyesight. So he's staring at something, and I thought Betty Mary was alluding to larger women being pretty busty, hence he's staring at her bustline.

    If that's not it, I have failed you, Betty JoDee and I hang my head in shame.

  10. Sorry Betty Magdalen it's looking and not staring. I was focusing how the Prof was looking 'in the face', instead of the idea that the phrase means he's getting to be that old. And what made me laugh was that just his face was getting old, not the rest of him. (Like the Pretty on Her Face thing)
    But I like your twist better. ROTFL!!!

  11. Betty Mary -- no, your reading is MUCH better. I have failed Betty JoDee. At this rate I'll never get to meet my nieces & nephews...

  12. See what I know? I thought that I finally figured out that Betty Mary meant that another *ahem part of him looked 42, not just his face. (But maybe those parts don't age....I would ask Prof. van der Hertenzoon, but he'll ask what the heck is going on on that blog again.)

  13. Betty Barbara here--
    Blowing the house mother's whistle to say 'Pipe down!/ Lights Out!! Enough of this nonsense!!!'

    Thank you ladies for a marvelous giggle ending to the evening.

  14. Psssst Psssst Betty JoDee. About the *ahem part. So what's your theory? Is it like Dorian Grey's picture? One ages and the other doesn't? giggle giggle...

    Ah Oh, Put away the pillows!!! Here comes Betty Barbara with her giant wood spoon.

  15. (whispering) Not more wood, Betty Mary!

  16. I can't resist...

    Having been a home health aid in my checkered past, who cared for elderly people, I can tell you that "all" of one's body ages, past a certain point. 42 ain't near old enough for that to happen!



  17. Betty JoDee Are we back to carving?
    "Did somebody say WOOD?" (10 fake invitations for the Betty who can identify the over rerunned show this comes from.)

    Good thing none of us are married to anyone that would prove Betty Cindy's anecdotal evidence. snicker, snicker 8-D

  18. BettyMary - Full House. Dave Couliet with that goofy woodchuck puppet. :)


  19. Brava, Betty Cindy! You are the winner.

    Your Invitations Have Arrived.

    Please enjoy this, it took the better part of my evening. And yes, we had school today. I'd gotten quite lazy.

  20. The Doctor and some Cheap Two-bit Tramp. Priceless.

  21. Oh My Goodness. A.T.E.O.T.D. is the Charlie Sheen Book! I started reading it a lunch today and had to laugh. Charlie and Jennifer Lopez! LOL
    There are certain books I know by the guy the hero looks like:
    My favorite is the Cary Grant book - A Star Looks Down - Peter Graves
    And Paradise for Two is Fr. Randy, one of our Jackson priests, only with hair! I tried to find his pic but no luck.
    A Happy Meeting is the Dan Quayle and Hillary book.
    Pineapple Girl is Jeff Foxworthy
    I'll stop now.