Monday, August 21, 2017

Betty in the Wild

Eclipse Day here on the Oregon coast could not have been more idyllic. No crowds, beautiful weather and all the science-y guages and sensors you could ever hope to have. Something was missing though...
I feel really lucky to have been close enough to the path of totality to see this event. I feel fluttery and kind of in awe and, dare I say, like a vast Dutch doctor has swooped down and kissed me soundly. Here's hoping his kids like me!

Midnight Sun's Magic feels particularly appropriate since my brother ended up running a little scientific outpost for the eclipse. No broken bones occured in the carrying out of these experiments.

While the moon was covering the sun entirely and the corona was a brilliant gold circle (no heirloom sapphire to set it off), whisps of light were coming off it like chiffon dragonfly wings. And Pledge Four said, "The first star of night!" Venus. Our own midsummer star.


  1. Love your BitW choices - very clever!

  2. Love it! 😎
    Heard about the eclipse earlier on the news; people in their cars crowding into Oregon to see it. Made me think of our Oregon Bettys. And less than a hour later you posted on FB about this post...

    Love your BitW choices, too. In particular, Midnight Sun's Magic. Jake is totally awesome!


  3. I had on a pair of those funny looking eclipse glasses yesterday, too. :-)

    Glad you and your kids got to enjoy this once in a lifetime event.

    --Anonymous Betty Lea in KY