Saturday, August 5, 2017

Thoughts From a Founding Betty

Dear Betties,

I'm trying something new and trying also not to be to persnickity about the blunders I'm making. I know my list of missing and mourned books is incomplete. Tell me yours in the comments!

Love and lardy cakes,

Betty Keira


  1. Love your video! It inspired me to go reread some Betty. Thank goodness for kindle copies!

    Some of my favs that didn't make the finals or I think get overlooked:

    "An Ideal Wife": I love that one. After so many Neels heroines who think that the RDD is dating the wrong woman, but just sigh about it, LOUISA TAKES STEPS to get rid of her. I love her cheerful forthrightness. (Will admit she does something pretty dumb at the end falling asleep in a graveyard, but mostly she is fantastic.)

    Another fave is "The Vicar's Daughter" with brave Margo delivering gypsy babies in the middle of the night.

    And "Mistletoe Kiss" is wonderful. I love that it is the hero pining on the beach at the end for the heroine and not the other way around. One of Betty's best endings I think.

    I was very sad to see "Dear Mary Jane" lose out. In the end this is the one I reread most often. Love her kicking the gang members who destroy her cafe.

  2. A couple of Late-Canon novels that I didn't talk about but love and miss are Polly and 'Discovering Daisy'. Polly because she is so capable at her job and doesn't care about clothes and boys until she suddenly really, really does. There are flaws to it but I think there is a ton to love as well. Discovering Daisy is excellent. I like imagining that doll house that she has to wrap up piece by piece for him and the diamond lover's knot she so painstakingly cleans.

  3. I enjoyed that Keira! I like hearing what others like about the various Betty books. I haven't read all the books yet myself (half way done I think), but you mentioned some of my favs!

  4. Omg! Now I have to go back and read all the books you mentioned!! And you mentioned a few I don't think I've read. Great blog 👍🏾 Lol the best part is the kids in the background 😊

  5. I love The little Dragon as much as you Keira bit must have missed the vote on that one. Also the others you mentioned in your video and comments. I guess with the new crop of Betties voting would turn out a little different this time. Be interesting to see the outcome. Thanks for all your effort in putting this together.

  6. I was also surprised at the early exit of Sister Peters. I think it's so remarkable that it was TGB's first published book yet all her characteristic elements are already present.

    The Magic of Living was my first Betty book and for that reason it will always be one of my favorites.

    I know it has flaws, but I will always love Not Once but Twice. I just adore Chrissy. Yes, she's deceived by Adam, but I can't blame her because she hasn't had any experience with men. I love the picture of her walking the beach in the storm just because Duert had taken her there. And Duert! *sigh* He's my favorite RDD.

    I love Gold Medalist Rose Comely, too.

  7. I want to throw 'An Ordinary Girl' in here too. It's another novella and, actually, I prefer it to the one I mentioned. (I blame the sort of bland name.) The village fete scene is one that makes me grin as I am reading it and that's pretty priceless.

  8. Polly is my absolute favourite. Then Mistletoe Kiss. I adore Discovering Daisy, An Ordinary Girl and Dearest Mary Jane. In fact DMJ is my go-to comfort book. Never Say Good bye and A Suitable Match. Lovely, lovely George Pritchard and the Little Dragon. Tabitha (the entire cast of characters and plot devices are yummy), A Christmas Romance (Theodosia), Cassandra & her Ogre (Cassandra by Chance), Sadie & the not quite beyong redemption Oliver (A Girl to love). And Caro!! Sigh.

  9. Well, third try had better be the charm. Betty Barbara is tired of feeding words to Blogger.
    Two of my top 5 are now gone--Mistletoe Kiss and Roses Have Thorns. They lasted fairly long, but not long enough for me. I also mourn the exit of End of the Rainbow and Matilda's Wedding. So long, Tabitha and Mary Jane--I'll miss you here, but you are easily available for a quick re-read. Oh, I also want to give a shout-out to 'Saturday's Child'. The ladder scene--sigh...
    I've been having fun with the tournament--like I really need an excuse to re-read my favorite Betty books, right?

    1. Matilda's Wedding is a joy to read (despite her awful mum)

    2. Mistletoe Kiss and Roses Have Thorns are two of my favorites, too, but not quite Top 5.

  10. For me, the books I am saddest that Tabitha in Moonlight and the Magic of Living don't make the cut. Tabitha because we get a rare (very rare, she may be the only one) glimpse of a heroine pretty much openly lusting after the hero. And other reasons too, but I love that!

    The Magic of Living is a special one for me because it was the first Betty I read where I finished it, and decided that Betty Neels wasn't just a good author, but a "keeper" author. I think I read the face cream section twenty times, it was so good.

    And although I knew it didn't have any chance whatsoever of making the finals, I am fond of the Gemel Ring. I may be the only person who is �� But I love the book because Betty is taking her usual characters and flip flopping them. The heroine is the in-charge, calm one who is turned on her head when she unexpectedly falls in love. And the hero is the confused one, wondering what on earth is up with this girl who seems to be always around.

  11. thanks for the video, Keira, what a great idea. I don't have anybody IRL that also reads betty, so it hadn't really occurred to me how much fun it would be to listen to someone else talk about TGB. I had SUCH a hard time voting in the last round. I still can't believe I voted against Tabitha, it's the one I end up re-reading most often. But I've never cared for the ending, and Gentle Awakening is good throughout, so what was I going to do? *sigh*

  12. Keira,

    The video you did is very nice! It's so neat to hear about your favorites.

    I just found this blog a few weeks ago and have spent many hours here already.

    The Archived Book Reviews are great! I really enjoy your and Betty Debbie's sense of humor.

    Thank you for introducing me to many of BN's book I didn't know anything about.

    I haven't read anywhere near all of her books (probably around 30 books), but have been a BN fan for years.

    --Anonymous Betty Lea in KY

    1. Thank you for your kind words! I envy you all the Betty books you still have ahead of you. Welcome aboard, Betty Lea!

    2. Thanks for the welcome, Keira!

      Thanks, also, to you, Debbie and the other Bettys for making this such a friendly place!

      Kind Regards, Anonymous Lea in KY

  13. Thanks to the founding Betties for this wonderful blog, the great reviews and your sense of humour.

    Betty Keira, in addition to many of my favourites listed by you, I absolutely love the books in which the hero's perspective is presented - Matilda's Wedding (which also has a satisfyingly long ending), A Girl in a Million (with Marius' conversations with his dog Nep :-), Discovering Daisy (where the hero seems to yearn for her). And I also have a ken for books where the heroine faces adverse circumstances with pragmatism and courage - A Girl to Love, Saturday's Child, Magic in Vienna. I also love Fortunes of Francesca as she is irrepressible without being irritating.

  14. Thank you for this lovely video!
    I, too, love The Little Dragon.
    I just love, love, love, love, love, love, love The Hasty Marriage, too! It's one of my top three!
    Winter Wedding is also a great favourite of mine.
    And, of course, Sister Peters in Amsterdam, the novel that got me hooked on The Great Betty, will always be a much loved book.