Thursday, July 14, 2011

Crazy Dayz of Summer

My grandson suggested a picture of me in a hammock, relaxing.  Since I don't happen to own a hammock, I'm substituting this picture...and wishing I was there.

During the school year I'm always looking forward to summer vacation.  Too bad I have my 10 year-old self's rosy glasses on when I do.  When I was 10, summer vacation was practically endless - and while my family was no slouch when it came to keeping busy, it just seemed like I had plenty of time for goofing off.  I love the theory of having 'nothing' to do...but in reality I always have something (or many things) to do. This summer seems particularly busy.

Next week is Girls Camp for our church group.  For some inexplicable reason, someone thought I would be great to have as the camp cook.  More likely, they just knew that I'm a gal who can't say 'no'.  Seriously, it's like I have a disease or something. So, here I am, smack dab in the middle of my summer vacation, when the toughest question I should have to deal with is how much ice to put in my lemonade and instead I'm shopping and prepping food for 150 teenage girls (let's not even get into the question of food allergies I have to work around). I think I need to start my summer vacation plans in September so that I have a ready answer besides 'sure, I'll be your unpaid minion'.

Anywho, I thought that I would share the joy/burden of writing posts with you. Yes, you.  We have so many talented, interesting, well written, well-traveled Bettys out there, and we'd love to give you a chance to participate/contribute here on The Uncrushable Jersey Dress (I promise it's not just a ruse to get out of least, not much of one).'s the deal: will you be our unpaid minion valued contributor?

Here's how:

Put together an email with a short (or long) post (include pictures if you so desire) of anything Betty related-ish, for instance:

Betty in the Wild (click on the 'Betty in the Wild' label on the sidebar for past examples)
Life After Betty (Betty appropriate authors...again, click on 'life after Betty' label for examples)
Words or Phrases that have crept into my vocabulary due to reading Betty
Profile of yourself as a reader of Betty - please include a profile picture (we won't mind a bit if they are obviously doctored/fake - 'cause that's how we roll).
Holes in our Betty coverage (for instance, have you ever asked yourself,  'Why haven't The Founding Bettys ever talked about 'x'?)

We promise to preserve confidentiality - last names will be blotted out (unless you use a fictitious Dutchified version).  Depending on volume, we'll space them out a bit.

If someone wants to open a short and painful question such as 'should an older bride be saddled with wearing a turban' (see the controversial The Hasty Marriage....) feel free...

..and now I'm off to the store to buy MORE food for girl's camp...


  1. Betty Barbara here--
    Okay, this is the prod I need to finish a book review...
    Back to work now.

  2. There was a turban in church on Sunday, Betty Keira said it was almost acceptable. I almost fell out of my chair!

  3. Hi, Bettys. I just remembered that the only duplicate I have is A Girl to Love, and this is the perfect place to offer it. It's free, of course, but if you live outside the U.S., I would appreciate some help with postage. Details and condition of book: paperback, bought used from, good condition, some wear only on the binding and cover, the edition that has a red cover, reprinted 1999. If you're like me and feel guilty for taking a free book, you may wish to e-mail something to the Founding Bettys for their Crazy Dayz of Summer contribution mentioned in the post above.

  4. Oh, if you're interested in the book, please click on my profile where I've made my e-mail address temporarily available. Thanks.