Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Upcoming Reprise

Monday, July 11th. Roses and Champagne.

An un-chaperoned trip for two to Greece, Katrina paints hobgoblins and fairies for a living, Lucius reminds Katrina that she went skinny-dipping with him.


  1. Oooh, this sounds promising!

  2. Jeez, what IS he wearing??

  3. Yikes! Gold blazer, pink shirt and a blue cravat? On the other hand, her outfit is nicer than usual (for Betty cover art, that is).

  4. Betty Barbara here--
    Ahhh, the book where the heroine does not have a surname! I recall this as not one of Betty's best, in that I spent most of the book wanting to bash both of them.
    I don't think I'll bother re-reading this one.

  5. I liked this one alright. It is different in that there are no RDD's, doctors or nurses of any sort. Very upper crust landed gentry Brits, though. Interesting. She is not very bright. He is, and knows just what he wants.

  6. Oh Gee. Can't remember this book at all. I've been reading all of them this time. I like having the whole week to get it done. Leaves time to intersperse non-Bettys. All Betty and no Brighton make one a dull doll. ;-) Just joking there, and to prove it, right now I'm reading Lo, Michael by GLHill. Slow going and starting to skip. Before that I read some Molly O'Keefe (HQ Super-Romance). She goes to Brighton but not gratuitously, and I really like her writing. Another HQ SR writer I enjoy is Margot Early, so out of the box in her early stuff (no pun intended). Skip the midwife series. Best one is The Truth About Cowboys .
    Hope the U.S. Betty's had a great Independance Day and the rest of the world is having a gentle, restful, peaceful summer.

  7. Betty Mary,
    What a coincidence - I just read a couple of GLHill books this weekend (The Honor Girl and All Through the Night). I have to say, Lo, Michael is not among my favorites...it's a bit of a downer.

  8. Yep, I'm not liking Starr's mom at all. And Dad is a benevolent jerk. Michael is too good to be true and if his shoulder gets one more injury, he'll be needing major surgery when he's 50.
    I haven't formed an opinion of Starr yet, but I'm disposed to like her as that's my DIL's name. I've been skipping so much that I haven't really read any of her thoughts or actions since the kisses when she was three. (Which I guess was okay as he was 7 (?) or so and the nanny encouraged it.
    I've read about ten of her books. Some I really like, others stick with me, I'm happiest with the non-preachy ones.