Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Upcoming Reprise

Monday, October 3rd.
The Gemel Ring
Charity Dawson carries an Advanced Driver's Certificate,
Everard runs a rest home (on the sly), an awesome American, Mr. Arthur C. Boekerchek.


  1. Betty Debbie, Before you strain your brain worry about this one, he's John Gavin. Okay, you can go back to your current project. he he he

  2. I do find it interesting that the cover art of the men often remind us of an actual person, while the gals are much more likely to be generic/anonymous...

  3. Oh, I think it is just fantasizing, Betty Debbie....

    This is waaaaay at the top of my list--started my love of Lamborghinis (hmmm--the plural form looks like a disease of the throat).

    "He's no monk, Charity Dawson!"

    (Uh, could we have a gratuitous John Gavin this week?--I think I need me a JG fix.)

  4. Betty Barbara here--
    Well Betty Debbie, I think she looks like Karen Valentine from the old Room 222 TV show.

  5. I agree with Betty Debbie. This one is an amalgam of a couple of starlettes. I don't see Karen Valentine when I look at her, but when I compare the two I can see similarities. I don't see many Betty gals that I can say, 'she's so and so'. (There are a few, Donna Reed- the end of the rainbow & Stephanie Zimbalist -two weeks to remember with Cary Grant)
    The guys are often immediately recognizable as one person. Not always, but most time.

  6. I think Charity looks like Uma Thurman:

    Unlike with most Neels books containing Americans, this particular American may be nice, but Betty couldn't help poke numerous fun at his name. Quite annoying, though I do love Betty.

  7. Unlike most Bettys here, I actually prefer the latest book covers with the watercolor illustrations. 1.) I have a different picture in my head of what the main characters look like, and 2.) I wouldn't be too embarrassed reading Betty in a public waiting room. NOT that I'm ashamed of reading Betty Neels, but people automatically think that I'm reading Brightonish books if they see a couple on a novel's cover. And THAT's what I would be ashamed of.

  8. LOL

    You're hilarious, Betty Lulu!!! LOL


  9. Where I come from, I'd be embarrassed to be found reading any "low-brow" book like a harlequin. They laugh at you when you read books of that genre.

    And they totally make fun of you if you read one that is NOT racy or Brightonish!!!!! *Sigh* It's hard to be innocent these days.

  10. That's a stylish cover, one of my favorites...for more images of an artist I enjoy look under google search richard prince nurse. It's the right ironic era!

    This book is just an 'eh' for myself. Look forward to the comments, may reread soon.
    Betty AnHK