Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Upcoming Reprise

Monday, September 12th.
A Gentle Awakening.

Half-Dutch heroine, lemonade poured on the villainess,
measles outbreak.


  1. Hello there.

    I visited your blog for quite some time now. I must say I appreciate very much your sense of humor and the way you review Neels's books.
    I like very Neels's book because the most of all are situated in Holland, a country that I visited a lot and that I liked very much and because her stories are a little bit oldfashioned (like me !).

    I wanted to ask you what are your top ten Neels's book ?

    I hope my english is not to tangled !

    Hello from France

    P.S. I do not know why I cannot connect on my blogger account to leave a comment.

    my mail is : ghallery.ifn@gmail.com

  2. Dear Betty Helene,
    Welcome, welcome! Your English is much less tangled than my French would be.

    Top ten? Well, here are 10 that I love... (in no particular order - and subject to change at any time):

    1. Caroline's Waterloo
    2. Cassandra By Chance
    3. The Vicar's Daughter
    4. Dearest Love
    5. Henrietta's Castle
    6. Marrying Mary
    7. The Secret Pool
    8. Matilda's Wedding
    9. A Christmas Romance
    10. An Old-Fashioned Girl

  3. I like your ten, Betty Debbie, and might add:

    The Promise of Happiness (or Becky and the Baron, the hot, hot Baron)
    Never Say Goodbye (Communism?! Count me in!)
    Winter Wedding (which I acknowledge isn't as good a re-read but I've treasured it for so long that it means somethings to me)
    The Hasty Marriage (also known as "Turbans. Why!?" and "The Nasty Reilof")

  4. And now that I've given it some more thought, here are some more I love:

    Polly (she's a Greek scholar?!)
    An Ordinary Girl (For the glorious day of the children's fete)
    Making Sure of Sarah (for the whole blinking too-short thing!)

    P.S. And welcome Betty Helene! I've often wondered what sort of reading we make for non-native English speakers as the idioms fly fast and furious around here. You give me hope. Chime in anytime!

  5. Welcome, Betty Helene! Glad your comment got through.

  6. Bien Venue รก La Robe en Jersey Imbroyables!
    I've always wanted to meet an Old Fashioned French person. My 4 years of high school French classes hasn't helped me much. But they were some of my favorite memories from school, few and far between as they were.
    I ended up living 2 years in Spain. Such is my luck.
    But again, welcome Betty Helene. We are glad you got here!

  7. Betty Barbara here--
    Betty Helene, welcome! We are always happy to welcome another Betty fan! We are a friendly group. Don't be shy!

  8. Hi There !

    Thank you to all of you for your kind words and welcome.
    Betty-Debbie, your list match mine or almost. Thank you for taking the time to reply.

    Keep reading Betty
    Helene aka Hoghart

  9. Betty JoDee--

    No, she has already been welcomed as Betty Helene!
    Pay attention!!

    Betty Barbara

  10. What, hmm, I was dozing....I'm still gonna call her Betty Hoghart.

  11. Hello Betty Helene!

    Also - love your top ten.

    Perhaps should all do our top ten list, and then aggregate the results to find the ultimate collective top ten...(geek alert). Even a bottom ten?

    Will think about my list and post later, definitely 'The Promise of Happiness' is still my top favourite. First reads!
    Betty AnHK