Wednesday, August 16, 2017

The Vote of Votes

Let's rip off the Band-Aid and get to the results from our last vote, right out of the gate.

A Gentle Awakening (18) beat out Dearest Love (13).
The Promise of Happiness (20) beat Henrietta's Own Castle (11).  

This is when, if you were a booster of another title, I slap you on a sweaty shoulder and give you a pep talk about how the greatest reward is a fight well fought and how it wasn't your day and how you left everything on the field and how winners never quit and quitters never win...
Henrietta missed the free throws that would have won the game
but #45 volunteered to carry her off the court on his shoulders anyway.
I hope you won't feel too forlorn to vote for our finalists. Remember when Rocky Balboa and Apollo Creed became best friends and ran together on the beach with improbably bulky muscles? Time to dig deep, Betties, and show some love for your former rivals.
Arabella wasn't too upset to lose the crown. She could hold
her head high and return to her hometown to headline a parade,
wear overalls and throw bubble gum to children lining the parade route,
her trusty plunger at her side.
Our final vote is between:

A Gentle Awakening 
The Promise of Happiness

See you on the other side, Betties.


  1. The Promise of Happiness.

    Easy choice for me. My favorite Betty. Love this one. Love the heroine, love the hero. Love the story. I even love slimy Basil.

  2. A Gentle Awakening

    Easy choice for me. More carbs.

  3. The Promise of Happiness

    Easy choice for me, too. 😊 One of my absolute top favourites! I πŸ’– Becky and Tiele.

    Did you realise? Our final vote is between:




    This is pretty exciting!

    πŸ’Œ Dear Betty Keira, πŸ“
    Thank you so much for providing
    us with many months of fun!
    I hope everyone is well at Huize van Voorhees.

    Love and lardy cakes
    Betty A.

  4. A Gentle Awakening.

    Not too difficult a choice for me.

  5. Well, if the first 4 votes are any indication--the final is going to be very, very close.
    Betty Barbara is cheerfully voting for:

    The Promise of Happiness

  6. Ha, just six votes so far and already it's dead even. Gentle Awakening for me, but they're both top ten so I'll be happy either way.

  7. My all time favorite! The Promise of Happiness!!

    I echo Betty A. above - thanks to Betty Keira for all your "blood, sweat, toil and tears" in this long campaign to determine the favorite Betty book.

  8. Easy for me also! A Gentle Awakening

    Betty Keira,

    I so agree with the other two Betties. I only jumped in several weeks ago but what fun I have had voting each week. Thank you for your hard work on this project and I hope you have more coming for us. It is great to know there are other BN fans out there.

    Betty Brenda

  9. The Promise of Happiness, my best of the best. So much to just love in that book. And my thanks too, Betty Kiera, so much hard hard work from you and so much sheer fun for us.

  10. The Promise of Happiness -- one of my top ten Betty books

    Betty AnoninTX

  11. Last comment was under my seller name, got it muddled with the Google thingy, should have been as Patricia M. Maybe I have it all figured out now.

  12. The Promise of Happiness

    Happiness runs in a circular motion.
    Thought is like a little boat upon the sea.
    Everybody is a part of everything anyway,
    You can have everything if you let yourself be.
    Happiness runs, happiness runs.

    ~ Donovan

  13. The Promise of Happiness for me. I do like the other book but just want to give Rosina a talking to about standing up to her father and what's-his-name.


  14. If I'm not too late to vote, A Gentle Awakening.

    (I was tossing up, hoped to have a chance to reread both to see which one, then a random pinterest picture reminded me of a Gentle Awakening so I'm taking that as a sign...)

  15. A Gentle Awakening

    --Anonymous Betty Lea in KY

  16. Has anyone ever noticed that the abbreviation of the title "A Gentle Awakening" would be AGA which is the name of those cook stoves used in so many BN books? Kind of appropriate since Florina is a cook.

    --Anonymous Betty Lea in KY

    1. I did notice that, Betty Lea - thought it was quite apropos!

  17. That's neat you noticed, too, Betty Pam!

    --Anonymous Betty Lea in KY