Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Wedding Party Bettys

Our new friend Magdalen had a request...she wanted some labels - and a family tree. Labels I can do. I might work on some more current pictures sometime in the next week or so.

Betty Debbie is the second oldest child in a large family. Some might say, a very large family. Other's would call it ridiculously large. And it is. No doubt. But we do have a lot of fun being ridiculous. Betty Suzanne is 14 years younger. Betty Keira is 17 years younger. Betty Tia...19 years younger.

This blog is not exclusive, heck, I don't think our family knows the meaning of the word "exclusive"(thus the ridiculous size). Besides, it all about the Betty. Betty Neels.

Our great grandmother (Grandma Hellen's mom)was born in Pennsylvania. I once spent an hour in an airplane that made an emergency landing in Pennsylvania. Magdalen, you're practically one of the family.


  1. Point of order: Shouldn't we be calling all visitors who comment by the honorific "Betty"? As in:
    That's a nice hat you've got there, Betty Debbie...

  2. Betty Kylene, you're already one of the family. I'm going to work on getting some more up to date pictures of "all the usual suspects" - and do a collage to go in the sidebar, start looking for something "uncrushable" to wear.

  3. In a big family you learn to shrug it off. So what if someone wouldn't play with you: there were 20 other kids who would!

  4. I think we should try for some this weekend!

  5. Thank you all so much -- this is very helpful, as will be any additional pictures you choose to share.

    Alas, I have only three good pictures of me, and one of them is my passport photo from 1971. If you double click on it, you can even see the embossing from where the State Department stamped my face!

    (I believe you can see it at Twitter even without being "on" Twitter. Just go to and search for MagdalenB.)

    And that was the passport I got specifically to travel to UK for the first time as a 15 year old. The first of several long stays (each 2-4 months long) over the past 40 years...

  6. I'm going to discuss with the DH the possibility of a special Blogger identity ("Betty Magdalen" of course) just for my comments here.

    Not sure if it will require a new email address...

    I love my new family. (I should warn you, Brit Hub 2.0 drinks tea. Hope that's okay. I can make cocoa for everyone else...)

  7. We will happily call you Betty Magdalen.

    Your DH may drink all the tea he wants...especially while doing the NYT crosswords or reading Dickens (who we also love...I reread all of Dickens novels the year my youngest was born...and I was somewhat "tied down" several times a day). My favorite Dickens novel is Bleak House...what's yours?

  8. Oh, you shame me, Betty Debbie, you truly do. I got halfway through Little Dorrit (one of his most romantic) and have pledged to complete this year. My mother read all of Dickens *except* Bleak House. I think Jarndyce v. Jarndyce wore her down. (My dad was a lawyer, so I think that was part of her Bleak House fatigue. Also my aunt was a lawyer. My brother was a lawyer, and much later I was a lawyer. Get a bunch of us together and "court was in session.")

  9. I started Bleak House two or three times before I finally got past the first section - and got out of chancery. Once past that it was clear(ish) sailing. I have to say, any book that features spontaneous human combustion definitely has something going for it, in my opinion.