Friday, March 26, 2010

Betty Goes Antiquing

Imagine a world where, instead of being a history buff, Billy Joel was more into antiques. His epic song "We Didn't Start the Fire" would have turned out a lot differently.

Library steps - George the third, tea pot from Wedgewood
Charm bracelet, dollhouse, rat-tail spoons

Baby rattle, silver bells, diamond brooch (shh! don't tell)
tea caddies, bed-warmers, Georgian Wine Cooler

Dutch painted and gilt screen, glass decanters, figurines,
Emerald necklace, sauce boats, variety of Delft

Milk jug from Rockingham, 1st edition, cabinets
Sevres plate, invoices, Coalport, can't wait!

We didn't start the fire
It was always burning
Since the world's been turning
We didn't start the fire
No we didn't light it
But we tried to fight it.

I know, I know, it's more than a bit of a stretch (and I'll admit that my meter stinks), but you would be surprised at how difficult writing lyrics with antiques is. The book Discovering Daisy was rife with antiques. In fact, all the antiques I used in my "song" were from that book...and I didn't use nearly all of them.

What's your relationship with antiques?

1) Can't walk past an antique store without going in.
2) I plan my vacations around antique shops.
3) My antique_______(fill in the blank) is more important than my family.
4) Antiques, schmantiques. Children/pets ruin everything, so what's the point?


  1. Mine is a combination of 1 and 4. If I were to lead my life in such a way as to facilitate walking casually walking into one then I would have to, wouldn't I.

    But the kids would ruin them, alas.

  2. Barbara here-
    I have several antique pieces of furniture; half with family connections, half that my husband and I bought. They get used and abused, because that's what happens to furniture. But I wouldn't cart anything I own off to 'Antiques Roadshow' if it were to come to town. I live about 2 miles from a whole bunch of antique stores and haven't even window shopped there in ages. I guess I have reached the point of saying "no more stuff".

  3. 5. If I won the lottery, I'd own a LOT of pretty things. As it is, I own a lot of pretty things, but with more money, I'd own more.

    As to #4, no kids and and relatively well behaved pets (the cats *have* ruined the rugs, but they -- the rugs! -- were all cheap purchases at Marshall's).

  4. Baraba's post reminded me of watching Antiques Roadshow and then trying to rack my brain for "hidden treasures" that I might inadvertantly own. I came up with....nothing. Sure, I have a few things that were handed down (mostly on Dr. van der Stevejincks side), but for the most part I sure wouldn't want to have to retire on the proceeds. (Alas, I don't have any valuable bronze maquettes that would fetch a million pounds - or any hitherto unknown paintings by famous artists).

  5. Me neither. All my antiques are nice pieces but nothing extraordinary. I do like my art work, though...