Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Planes, Trains and Automobiles, Part I

One of the nice things about living north of Seattle is that when I want to take the train down to Portland, the good seats aren't already taken. The train station in Everett is only 15 or so minutes from my house - and it's never crowded. The next stop is 40 minutes south - in Seattle - that's where the majority of people get on. If I want to watch the scenery, I make sure I'm sitting on the right side (facing the engine). For much of the first half of the trip the train follows the shoreline of the Puget Sound. Just like in the picture. After that there's not much to see - trees, farms, small's a good time to catch up on reading. My youngest son has taken the train with me and has been trying to wheedle his way onto this trip. If I was staying in Portland the whole time I'd bring him - he loves exploring the train - buying highly overpriced snacks in the dining car, reading in the lounge...hmm, maybe I'll have to plan another trip with him.