Saturday, March 27, 2010

If I Could Say Thanks in Dutch...

...I would*.

I received a lovely package from Betty Janet yesterday. Very unexpected - which makes it even more lovely (Betty Keira got a package from Betty Magdalen a couple of days ago...we'll be posting about the contents of that sometime next week. Stay tuned).
A week or two ago we had a post called "Life After Betty", wherein we discussed authors that might possibly be alternatives to The Venerable Neels. One of the suggestions was Georgette Heyer...and lo and behold, Betty Janet kindly shares her wealth with us! This is a very timely gift - I am really and truly in need of some reading next week.

On Tuesday I will be taking the train down to Betty Keira's. That's 5 hours of reading time. Georgette looks like she will fill that in quite nicely, thank you.

I giggled a little at the the other book. Did you see the author? Carola. (Which I am totally reading "Corolla", as in a car made by Toyota - which my family may or may not have owned back in the 70's. Or possibly the 80's. But I digress...). I'll save her for the ride back - along with my Neels homework for the following week.

*(I just looked it up on Dank u wel ("dahnk oo vel")