Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Betty on the subject of Noisy Accessories

"You're a restful companion, Meg; you don't wear jangling bracelets, nor do you whip out a mirror and stare at your face every half-hour or so."
"I expect if I had bracelets to jangle and a face to admire I'd do that too."

-Stormy Springtime

Way back in the halcyon days of my youth, I knew a couple of girls who had charm bracelets. (Before you get started on me, yes, I realize there are many other types of jangly bracelets) I was fascinated by those bracelets (and more than a little jealous of the girls who owned them). Alas, I was fated never to have a charm bracelet of my own. Yes, I've gotten over it. In fact, right about now I feel a little smug. I wouldn't want to wear one. How gauche. How tacky.

I'm lying. I still wish I had a charm bracelet (which is pretty silly of me, since I wouldn't wear it - it would jangle!).

Are you one of those girls I was/am jealous of? Do you have a jangling charm bracelet?


  1. I'm like you, I like the idea of a jangly bracelet, but wouldn't wear one. I have had my eye on the Silpada Cha Cha bracelet for years, but I'm not motivated to spend the money on something I might or might not wear.

  2. Barbara here-
    I always wanted a really cool charm bracelet in my school-girl years(late 50's-early 60's). But it never happened. Now, as a senior Betty, I no longer feel the desire for an old-fashioned charm bracelet. I would really like a substantial (non-jangling) gold bracelet--gemstones optional!!