Saturday, March 27, 2010

Betty: Let's Get Physical

As swimsuit season approaches you might be saying to yourself "Gee, this bikini doesn't look as good on me this year as it did 20 years ago." To this we say - "What's a Betty of your age doing in a bikini?" (, not really). Betty heroines NEVER have weight issues. EVER. They may be short and plump, or tall and curvy, but they always have a bikini figure. How do they achieve it? Magic. They eat like horses and never gain an ounce? Gotta be magic. In Discovering Daisy Helene I will van Tromp All Over You is disparaged because she keeps her bony figure by...gasp....going to the gym. Betty Heroines are never caught at the gym.

Betty approved exercise:
Walks on the beach. Check.
Walks in the rain. Check.
Walks in the wind. Check.
Walks on the beach when it's rainy and windy? Check, check, check.
Ditto bike riding.
Rowing (especially for boys).
Sailing (to save the life of an ungrateful child)
Skiing (especially good for recovering dipsomaniacs).

Betty approved sports:
Tennis for fun.
Ditto swimming.
Ditto ice skating.
Rugger (while in college - if you are an aspiring doctor).
Field Hockey (perfect for 12-15 year old girls).
Gymnastics (for the little ones at boarding school).

Actual exercise at a gym (or even at home)? Heavens to Helene! Never! The great thing about the Betty Neels exercises plan is how cheap it is. Very little outlay on expensive equipment. A pair of sensible lace-ups will do for all your walking needs. A pair of "slippers" for dancing, and a swimsuit. Bam. That's it. The rest you can make up as you go along. Cold weather gear? Get out your knitting needles. Field Hockey stick for a younger sister? Get a part-time job. Bike? Borrow one. Ditto ice skates, skis and tennis racquets.

No excuses, ladies. Get out your sensible lace-ups and get moving. (Or do you really believe in magically fitting into your old swimsuit?).


  1. That is one thing you notice as an American in Paris--my sensible lace-ups look nothing like the native ones...

  2. Barbara here-
    Why the Betty Bike looks just like the one I rode to death--rode it to school 4,5 grade, rode it all around my small town well into high school. Sigh, very fond memories of the bike and all the places it took me. A racing style bike (with gears) is just too much like exercise and work!

  3. These are romance novels that cater to the ultimate female fantasy. Winning a gorgeous rich man and living HEA? No. Eating as much as you want, never exercising, and having a great figure. Now there's a fanstasy I can get behind.

  4. No, I think the ultimate ultimate female fantasy is this: be plain (but with lovely eyes) and still be thought beautiful by the gorgeous rich guy. Plain goodness always wins out over selfish beauty.