Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Don't Touch That Dial

In Stormy Springtime, Meg passes the time with her trusty radio. She has her dial set for Radio 3. This might perhaps explain a little of La Neels musical predilections. Radio 3 BBC features live music and the arts. The music tends towards classical and jazz. It wouldn't surprise me a bit if they played works by Sibelius, Grieg, Mozart, Schubert and Brahms since those were the composers that were often featured in Betty's books.

For your listening enjoyment:

Finlandia by Jean Sibelius (in honor of The Founding Bettys brother Brian who spent 2 years in peanut butter forsakened Finland)

In the Hall of the Mountain King (Peer Gynt) by Edvard Grieg (for some reason this song takes me back to my childhood...possibly Bugs Bunny?)

Papagena/Papageno (The Magic Flute) by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. (the van Voorhees favorite opera)