Friday, March 26, 2010

Spring Break - Bettys Gone WILD!

Ha ha...just kidding (and now a little disturbed at what kind of traffic a title like that might engender).

Many child-rearing experts (and possibly Famous Consulting Paediatricians) advise against bribing children as a way to encourage good behavior. Our response? Bunkum! The Founding Bettys are all about bribery.

The Founding Bettys are having a little get-together over spring break. We promise not to neglect you (we are working like Trojans to get next week's posts done early), but we could use a little help here. This is your opportunity to share your thoughts on the World of Neels. We're not just asking you to do this out of the goodness of your hearts (we know you have good hearts, that's why you're here). We are offering BRIBES! Your choice of Uncrushable Merchandise...a grey felt Betty brooch, a book cover to protect your favorite Neels (fabric varies) OR an Uncrushable tote bag, to carry home your bookish spoils.

How about it? Email us an article (pictures optional - if you don't send any, we'll just pick some for you) are some of writing ideas:

1. Talk about your favorite plot devices - Marriages of Convenience, orphans, pet rescues, evil fiancees...
2. How about where you keep your Bettys? "Are they in a box, with a fox, or on a chair, over there."

3. "My Introduction to La Neels".

Make sure you stay away from "Brighton" (but you already knew that!), and please don't review a specific book (exception: Betty Magdalen will be reviewing Fate is Remarkable!!!! Yea!!! - and yes, she's earned her merchandise).

Looking forward to hearing from you...

The Founding Bettys - Bettys Keira and Debbie