Sunday, September 19, 2010

Betty Goes to Church

"...with minutes to spare she found herself a seat in the little church and sat back, breathing rather hard, for the last few hundred yards had almost been at a trot.
There was quite a large congregation, and presently she looked around her. Mostly elderly people with a sprinkling of children wedged between parents. Her gaze wandered - and came to a surprised halt. Well in front, towering head and shoulders above everyone else, was Dr. ter Feulen.
The congregation knelt, and she took the opportunity to peep at him through her fingers. He wouldn't see her, and thank heaven for that; he was most unlikely to turn round and stare about him during the service, and the moment the choir and the vicar had gone out she would nip out.
She stood with everyone else, and while she sang the hymn thanked her stars that she had seen him; to have come face to face with him would have been upsetting, to say the least. He might even think that she was following him around!
She settled down to listen to the sermon, and at the end of it, not having heard a word, sang the last hymn, anxious to be gone. None the less, she couldn't do that before she had breathed a humble little prayer apologising for not giving the service her full attention.
The doctor, casting a keen eye around the church, saw her at once; he was waiting for her as she went out of church.
Serena walked straight into him and came to an abrupt halt. 'Oh, dear!' she said, and then 'I had no idea that you would be here,' she told him earnestly.
'Why should you?' He didn't tell her that he had gone to the church on an impulse, guessing that it was the most likely place to find her."
-A Little Romance

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