Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Question of the Week

Got Nanny?

Nannies. I just love the idea of a Neels nanny--a faithful and mostly trustworthy (there were the few times that the faithful retainer attempted to sabotage a Brit nurse's recently contracted MOC by brainwashing her little charges) matronly type with no family to speak of except for the odd niece (who is the perfect age and disposition to surrender her independent will to short people wholly unrelated to her) or sister (who runs a boarding house).

Some of the Bettys have had nannies (Betty Sherri). Some of them were nannies (Betty Kylene and Betty Suzanne). But what is my own opinion?

I actually love the idea of nannies if you need a child care option. But for me they would be a disaster. My native disposition, unfettered by the daily demands of reality, is so bone-idle that I would quickly devolve into Professor Maximillian van der Hoevel's feather-brained sister who hands off her child at any pair of willing (or unwilling) hands. I've been raising babies for the last decade which has forced me into unnatural activity that already (with my youngest nudging two) is becoming cast away from my in-born personality. (Cue the sounds of trains uncoupling.) Thank heavens I didn't have a nanny (or enthusiastic mother-in-law) or I wouldn't have managed even basic competency in all those messy but necessary feeding-changing-cradling-nursing skills.

Most people are better than me.

My question is: What do we really think about the Neels nanny?


  1. Well, studies show that having pre-school children at home is the equivalent of two full time jobs. And as I'm helping my cousin out while she goes to nursing school full time and her husband is in California for the week on business, I can well imagine that, even if her kids are 10 & 12.

    But that's because being a full-time mother is also being a full time cook, laundress, housekeeper & part-time chauffeur. Having a nanny would be helpful as long as the person was actually helpful. Think of it as a progression: baby-sitter (very short-duration), au pair (maybe for the summer, or a school year), nanny (years). Any one of those is only as good as her (or his: the "manny") personality.

    Personally, I did babysitting pretty much non stop from age 13 to when I left for law school at age 36. It didn't exactly make me want that as a career, but it was a good source of a little extra money...

  2. I'm with Betty's all about personality.

  3. Speaking as a mother of four kids in five years all coming after the age of 35, I don't need a nanny--I WANT JOLLYS! (JOLLIES? JOLLI?)

  4. To Betty JoDee - We are on the same page, Jollys (sp?) over Nanny any day. I don't mind the time with my kids -- it's the time with my washing machine/vacuum cleaner/mop/stove/sink/etc. that I can do without. Forget what I said in an earlier post about Dr. Bill van der Spoelstra not buying me jewelry. Last year he gifted me with a house cleaner -- every other Friday, 3 hours -- she doesn't dust or do windows, and I still have to clean in between -- but it's the best gift he's given me so far! (Well, except for those two kiddos, of course.)

  5. I love to ask people what one servant (helper?) they'd want: housekeeper, cook, chauffeur, secretary, gardener, etc. I want the full-time gardener. I could have such gorgeous grounds!

  6. I would like a Mrs. Jolly and a Bollinger(gardener/chauffer).

  7. Hmmm, so hard to decide. I'd guess my first priority would be an Assistant! That way I could tell them to wash my undies (See BN story)! jk