Friday, September 17, 2010

Bettysday in the Northwest

While not actually taken on Bettysday, this picture sums up the morning for me. I received "I should like a plunger, sir" during the Bettysday Commemorative Exchange of Crafts (Betty Kylene embroidered this little beauty in a dark car on the way to Seattle...very resourceful of her, I'm sure - it also doubled as a hostess gift - for the dubious pleasure of sleeping on my living room couch). The dahlias were picked up at Pike Place Market after breakfast at....
...The Crumpet Shop. While the toppings were perhaps not traditional (frankly, they should have been dripping with butter), they were yummy and easy on the pocketbook.

I'll skip ahead to the culminating event of the day. Afternoon tea at the Queen Mary Tea Room. I was definitely under dressed for the occasion, but my days of changing clothes in the back of a great socking Bentley (and by that, I mean minivan) are all but extinct. While a tad pricey, the Queen Mary Tea Room was well worth it. We were quite glad to have reservations as this tiny little jewel was packed at 2pm on a Wednesday afternoon. They were very accommodating with substitutions after Betty Keira and I explained that we would not like tea in a box, not with a fox, we would not like it here or there, we would not like it anywhere. The hot chocolate was delicious - not reconstituted Swiss Miss. (For those who do like tea, they have about sixty varieties!!)


  1. Betty Barbara here--
    Oooh! A Nurse's uniform. How very apropos! And I love the plunger embroidery!
    How very clever of the Founding Bettys!
    And I will now add The Queen Mary Tea Room to my 'must visit while in Seattle' list.
    Sorry you ladies don't love the tea--but hot chocolate is an excellent(!) substitute!

  2. I really was *so* sure that nothing could beat the food we had at The Four Seasons, but . . . (I refuse to think more about it, except to agree with Betty Barbara about needing to visit the Queen Mary Tea Room whenever I (finally) get to Seattle.)

    One teeny request, please -- could you identify who's who in the photos? Many thanks.

  3. Betty Kylene took it to eleven by making a custom nurses hat to go with her vintage nurses top! She was our 'pin-up Betty' of the day.

    Betty Keira is the Araminta with mouse coloured hair, wearing a rose coloured cardigan with a grey pleated skirt.

    Process of elimination - I'm the one with generous curves, wearing my Bettysday t-shirt.

  4. Oh my lands! Betty Kylene looks EXACTLY like a Neels cover!

  5. What does the t-shirt say? C'mon, I showed you mine... LOL

  6. "You encourage me to fend off the encroaching years" Betty Keira posted a picture of it (and hers) on Sept. 8th - here's the link:

  7. Well, clearly the encroaching years have overtaken me (or taken me over) because I completely forgot! Sorry.

    Be sure to get Betty JoDee to tell you her ideas for Bettysday t-shirts; she didn't have time to make them up, but it really is the thought that counts, unless the Grand Poohbah Arbiters of Everything say that it isn't.