Friday, September 24, 2010

We Have Lift-Off

Betty Keira gives me way too much credit.

For what, you ask? For being a hard worker...being organized...getting things done. She usually then indulges in a bit of self-deprecation - describing herself as 'bone-idle'. She hardly ever lays around eating bon-bons while reading Betty Neels. Hardly ever.

All week I have had our Bettysday prizes staring at me...I could have sent them sooner, but I had to look up addresses (I finally saved them in a folder for easier access), find boxes (one of the boxes I ended up altering to fit), find the right tape, and then ship them. It's not like I live a long way from the post office - it's only 3 miles away. It's not that I have to take anyone with me, such as toddlers in car seats...I think it's just that I don't like extra errands, and the post office is the opposite direction from most of my other weekly errand destinations.

I can't tell you what a relief it was to drop four packages off at the post office. All our Bettysday Tribute Contest winners should be receiving their prizes by the end of next week. I even included an extra prize for Betty Ross for coining the term 'Bettysday'.

1 comment:

  1. I was singing your praises tonight at dinner -- yours and Betty Keira's -- as I explained about Bettysday, Betty herself, and the blog. You guys are inspirations of industry. It is I who feels bone idle when I consider all the work that goes into this blog. (And I remember a very early post showing someone's basement filled with jars of home-canned goods. No one's lazy in Uncrushable Land.)

    My hostess, my cousin Lucy, is studying to become a nurse, so there's a theoretical chance I can talk her into reading a Betty Neels *but* she has no time. None. Two kids, a house, school, and various other obligations -- it's not happening. But she has enjoyed hearing about The Uncrushable Jersey Community.

    And something extra for Betty Ross? That's awesome. He deserves something extra because he's had the heavy lifting this week: my being in Boston to help Lucy has meant he's had to be home alone with the pets. And he's been lonely.

    (I go home tomorrow.)

    Thanks again for all you do. We should all be sending YOU prizes!