Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Upcoming Reprise

Monday, May16th. Marrying Mary

'Whimsical' mother, shadow siblings, a staunch Methodist, and a ginger haired RDD.


  1. I am of the opinion that one can't write a Methodist without making them 'staunch'. I never hear of any other kind, like Jack-Methodists, for instance.

  2. Hmmm..."liberal" comes to mind. :)

  3. *laugh. As a Methodist by marriage, I can state that we have both "Back-sliding Methodists" (the very rough equivalent of Jack-Mormons) and "Country Club Methodists"--although, of course, not in my own congregation....*laugh again

    I do, however, appreciate Betty's nod to the Non-Conformists of her day. Plus a "staunch Methodist" has such a solid and reliable sound to it (in reality, it means he's a committee man--heehee).

  4. And the only kind of Catholics are described as 'devout' or 'lapsed'. It's funny that these different words attach themselves to faiths like that. I don't think I've ever heard a person described as a 'Devout Baptist', for instance.

  5. Strict Baptists. That's what we hear. :)

    Rigid Presbyterians - God's Frozen Chosen.

    Yes, you're right - I could go on, of course.

    Episcopalian - Catholic "Lite."


  6. Episcopalians -- "Whisky-palians: whenever three of them get together, there's always a fifth."

    (My uncle was an Episcopal priest; he told us that joke."

  7. I'm in a total panic; I can't find my copy. It's not in my rugrat-alphabetized-under-the-bed-box. AAAAHH!

  8. I think I read this last year; its details are bizarrely clear, like the antiquarian bookshop.