Thursday, May 5, 2011

Pennsylvania Bettys, Ahoy!

Possibly the old town hall of Williamsport, PA, but I won't swear to it.

I received this email from Betty Magdalen, and am passing it along to you East Coast Bettys:

Ancillary Staff members Betty JoDee and Betty Magdalen are converging on Betty Cindy ("Silly `Ma") in Williamsport, Pennsylvania on Friday, May 13 for food and happy chatter. Any Bettys who want to join us should email us (the Founding Bettys)at and we'll make sure everyone has everyone else's email addresses. No reason to be superstitious -- the food and the company will be too good.

We promise there will be photos!
Love and small sugary biscuits --
Betty Magdalen

The Founding Bettys are cursing their bad luck and lack of "R" in their RDD's. Argh.


  1. Betty Barbara here--
    Oh boo! If all goes well I'll be getting out of the hospital in Baltimore on Fri the 13th. So consider me there in spirit.
    (By the way, I have no fear of Fri 13th, as I was born on Friday the 13th.)
    Y'all have a good time!

  2. Seriously, I am questioning why my pioneer ancestors even HAD to cross the stinkin' plains! You're going to have so much fun!

  3. I'm very excited about this -- and all credit goes to Betty JoDee and, I gather, Prof. van der Herzengoon (did I get that right?) for managing to create a small tear in the space-time continuum of their lives such that Betty JoDee could be in Williamsport instead of doing the bazillion things she was scheduled to do at home.

    Me -- I just need to wave bye to Betty Ross and the dog and I'm off! Have car, will duck out of doing household chores...

  4. I'm excitedest, I bet. :)

    My own beloved says, "So this means I have to get lost, huh?"


    I've got plans already for my contributions to the Feast-ivi-Tea. My daughter-in-law just left after giving her input. (Chocolate, of course.)


  5. OH, have fun, I'm more than a bit jealous! I hope we can do one (another one?) in the Pacific NW.

  6. Oh Betty, I like the cut of your jib.

  7. Oh - almost forgot - yes, that is the old City Hall. It was outgrown about 30 years or so ago and now it's an office complex. The "new" city hall occupies what used to be the United States Post Office downtown. And the new post office is west of the city in an industrial complex. :)


  8. I have started baking -- made an almond-cherry tea cake. Now to make some "small sugary biscuits" -- in this case, Tiny Chocolate Chip Cookies from Epicurious.

  9. Well, I can report that we had a LOT of fun -- good company, good chatter (we all love to talk!), and good food. Have some sympathy for Honorary Betty Hazel, who walked in mid-way through the festivities, couldn't figure out WHAT we were talking about, but joined in the fun all the same.

    Betty Hazel got the biggest laugh of the afternoon. In trying to explain that certain books of an uh explicit nature are, in effect, just line by line driving instructions for negotiating the mean streets of Brighton, I made reference to the computer-generated voice of a GPS: "In 200 yards, you will make a left hand turn." Betty Hazel: "Recalculating." (Maybe you had to be there.)

    Many thanks to Betty Cindy for opening her house and to Betty JoDee for getting a day free from her busy life.

    Betty Cindy took photos, most of which include me eating something.

    Psst... I don't want to type this too loud, but I may have done a slightly better job of explaining my thesis on "Why Waldo is More Guilty Than Alexander of the Same Crime."

  10. The photos are being edited this morning and then I'll forward them on to the Founding Bettys for their perusal and posting.

    We had a wonderful time, indeed and I am so thrilled to have two 'live" Bettys in my quiver of real life friends. And - FOOD! Wait til you see the photos of our "groaning board." Betty Magdalen is indeed a fabulous baker and Betty JoDee is no slouch - those mince tarts - YUM!

    And, for the uninitiated, Betty Hazel is my sister who stopped in to meet the ladies and to try to get a handle on just what is this fascination with Betty Neels (or, as she kept saying, "Betty Neeley".)

    As we discussed and dissected and enjoyed our discussion, it occurred to me that Betty Neels aficionados are rather like Jane Austen fans, trying to pinpoint what influences in each of their lives inspired this particular event in that particular book. We sounded so erudite (at times) and completely silly at others. Wonderful, delightful fun! :)

    I can't wait til we can do it again. And, I do hope we can add more of you to our guest lists.


  11. We hope Betty Barbara checks in as soon as she can. Recuperate Fast!