Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Upcoming Reprise

Monday, May 23rd.
Nurse Harriet Goes to Holland (aka Tempestuous April)
Haughty Harry, a turban and a glimpse of Queen Juliana!


  1. Phew!!! Friso looks hot in this picture, not to mention young...

  2. I think Friso looks like a secret agent...he's giving off a bit of a James Bond vibe (albeit a young James Bond).

  3. He reminds me of Napoleon Solo

    And Harriet is living up to her name. It looks like her 'bubble' exploded!

  4. But the Haughty Hair is all wrong -- Harriet has the nicest hair in the entire Canon: Long, straight, silky blonde hair. (I have hair envy; can you tell?)

  5. Betty Barbara here--
    Ah yes, our cover heroine is looking very Stella Stevens . And, as Betty Magdalen pointed out--whoops, that's not quite what she looked like.