Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Upcoming Reprise

Monday, November 5th.
Tangled Autumn
Eyebrows, Scotland, Caesarian on an island.


  1. I shall restrain myself.


    1. Sappha Devenish and Rolf van Duyren visit Menkemaborg Castle. In UITHUIZEN, where Betty von Susie's ancestors came from. Yeah!
      I was getting worried about you because I had not seen you nor heard from you in a while. But then I saw you again, on Sunday, twirling around on the globe, and all was well...

  2. Replies
    1. Lovely links, Betty van den Betsy. Trust our treasures-counting treasure, Betty van den Betsy, to find such a wealth of Uithuizen related pages and among them this little gem (the link on the word Susie):
      PIPE ORGANS Remarkable and Historical Instruments from around the World... Remarkable, the number of organs on this page that are in churches visited by Neels heroines and heros.

      Trondheim, Nidaros Cathedral
      (There is a nice little video on the page showing some of the sights of Trondheim.)

      Nidaros Cathedral in The Silver Thaw and The Promise of Happiness.

      Alkmaar, St Laurenskerk and St Laurenskerk choir organ.

      St Laurenskerk in The Quiet Professor

      Amsterdam, Oude Kerk

      Oude Kerk in Discovering Daisy.

      Groningen, Martinikerk

      Martinikerk in Roses for Christmas

      Haarlem, St Bavo

      St Bavo mentioned in Enchanting Samantha
      St Bavo in The Secret Pool, The organist, practising for the International Organists’ Contest, playing Fauré.

      Cologne Cathedral

      Cologne Cathedral in Hilltop Tryst

      Leiden, Sint Pieterskerk

      Sint Pieterskerk in Neelsdom

  3. oh, I remember the stormy night on an island in Scotland.

  4. I was wondering if the Betty who does all our statistis would also try her hand at the awesomeness of our Betty heroines' fabulous survival skills???

    espeially now beause of the Sandy Storm, and lak of resue personnel. (My "see" isn't working). huh