Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Upcoming Reprise

Monday, October 22nd.
Charles is an Eminent Historian, Cumbria(!?), Judith is Senior Night Sister for the Surgical Wing.


  1. I really doubt I've read this one more than twice -- and maybe only once. I have almost no memory of it at all. Not a good sign...

  2. I have read this one many times and have good memories of it. Picked it up a couple of weeks ago because I felt the urge to read the final scene once again - and ended up reading the whole book! Love the beginning, the scene at the museum where she yawns, and then later falls asleep, ...

  3. Betty van den Multitasking Anonymous is surfing on the internet, watching television and keeping an eye on the Conquering the World globe thingy. Today, I saw so many people from places mentioned in the Canon.
    Kristiansand in Norway (The Promise of Happiness)



    Coventry (The Mistletoe Kiss)

    MunguĂ­a , Basque country ( Saturdays Child)


    In Off with the Old Love Rachel, in Basle for the International Theatre Sisters’ Convention met a nurse from Texas and another from Toronto.
    (I saw B v S and Betty AnoninTX , too, and searched for more Texans in the Canon just for you two.)

    1. I don't even remember reading that!

      Betty AnoninTX

  4. This is the one I have to get ahold of because he's a historian and her blouse is unbuttoned. (My experience is that one does not cause the other....)