Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Upcoming Reprise

Monday, October 8th.
An Apple from Eve
An engaged RDD, a fiance who gets the mumps, Spain!


  1. Euphemia from Hampton-cum-Spyway! Best heroine name-village combo in the ouevre, unless you prefer Cressida from Minton Cracknell. Phyllida from Gifford Ferris is pretty good, too.

  2. Replies
    1. I'm trailing behind all of you Bettys but have been doing non-stop Neels for about 3 weeks! Just on Heidelberg Wedding now where our RDD (Gerard) is a chest surgeon and lights up his pipe in Eugenia's office in the hospital. I remember those days - and shudder.

    2. Should add that I have loved Betty for decades and have often read 4 or 5 at a go but am making an absolute pig of myself at present having fun with the Kindle and I keep coming across old friends. I'm so glad to have found TUJD. I love the wit and affection for Betty and haven't laughed so much in a long time.

    3. Welcome, Bucks Betty. Drop us a line whenever you feel like it!

  3. I love it when they go to Spain/Portugal!

    Such fun!

    B Francesca

  4. This has made it to my 10 Ten Betty List! If you're looking for a really GOOD chuckle read this one! I found it to be a riot and half! The poor man doesn't have a chance, and stuck with the flaky fiance (what was he thinking?) and she's is AWESOME... LOVE this book! It maybe in my top 5.... BettyMarryinNH