Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Magical Thinking Romance Theatre

From Betty Magdalen's comment on this week's Question of the Week, we got the awesome phrase "Magical Thinking Romance Theatre".
Betty JoDee requested a logo.
We deliver.
We're pretty dang sure our readers out there can come up with something better....if you do, send it to us in an email and we'll post it.


  1. Oh, but MST3K was much funnier than MTRT ever was.

    Magical Thinking Romance Theater, I'm sad to say, is definitely seedy -- the sort of place where your feet stick to the floor and you don't want to know why. And it's much more Twilight Zone than MST3K: there's a lovely star-crossed lovers production on, but when you pull back, you see that both principles, the director, crew AND the only audience member are all you. Oh, and when the play gets a glowing review in the latest issue of My Life & Times, the byline is your name.

    It's truly amazing I ever managed to find my way out of that place.